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'Doom Patrol': Did Diane Guerrero officially confirm Crazy Jane's sexuality on Twitter?

While answering a fan question regarding Jane's sexual orientation, Diane Guerrero gave a cryptic answer that fans are now claiming is canon
(DC Universe)
(DC Universe)

Actress Diane Guerrero took over DC's 'Doom Patrol' Twitter page earlier today, answering several questions about her character, Crazy Jane, and what Guerrero's experiences on the show have been like. Among the many questions posed to her online, she may have just confirmed a major character reveal about Crazy Jane's sexual orientation — that she is a lesbian.

Jane, the primary personality taking control over Kay Challis' body, has proven to have a hard time trusting and opening up to people. So her pursuing a romantic relationship has never really been on the cards for the series so far. However, in answering a fan question about Jane's sexual orientation — "is jane a lesbian breathe if yes" — Diane Guerrero gave a cryptic but apparently definitive answer, with a video clip of herself rather pointedly exhaling and inhaling. She later replied to the tweet again, writing, "Sigh..." and adding a hug emoji. While not giving official, explicit confirmation, this seems as good an answer as fans are likely to get until the show confirms otherwise.

Jane's sexuality is a tricky subject. Each of the 64 personalities contained within Kay Challis' body has a different function. Babydoll, for instance, is to provide Kay with joy, optimism, and playfulness. It is entirely possible that whatever sexual tendencies the Underground may have are all tied up in the Scarlet Harlot's form, or in other personalities we are yet to meet. Jane herself has shown no preference either way.

As Primary, however, the rules might work a little differently for Jane. The Primary is tasked with controlling the body for the majority of the time, meaning that they need a more nuanced personality than some of the others in the Underground. Whether or not the other personalities are capable of, or interested in, sexual desire, that level of nuance for Jane may just imply that she is capable of desire, but hasn't had a chance to express it, at least on the show.

The fans, however, seem to believe that Diane Guererro's pointed breathing is as good as official confirmation from the show. "This is canon. This has been a good day for revealing lesbians," writes a fan. "There are like 64 Janes of course some of them would be lesbian," writes another. Even non-fans of the show got in on the excitement, with one writing, "YES! I HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE, WHO THIS WOMAN IS OR WHO JANE IS, BUT YES FOR LESBIAN REP!!!"

Lesbian or not, Jane is in dire straights after two of her personalities were attacked by the Candlemaker in the Underground, and seemingly killed. What happens to Jane after that will be revealed in the next episode of 'Doom Patrol' which airs on July 16 on DC Universe and HBO Max.