"Never happened": Robin Givens denies having affair with Brad Pitt, rubbishes ex Mike Tyson's claims he caught them in bed

Iron Mike's former wife also refuted the boxer's claims that Pitt "looked ready to receive his last rites" when he caught them together in a car

                            "Never happened": Robin Givens denies having affair with Brad Pitt, rubbishes ex Mike Tyson's claims he caught them in bed

According to Mike Tyson's former wife Robin Givens, some of the shocking claims he made about her and Brad Pitt in his memoir 'Undisputed Truth' were highly exaggerated.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on June 9, Givens was put in the hot seat when one fan asked her an awkward question about her relationship with Pitt, who had guest starred on her show 'Head of the Class' in the late 80s before he became famous.

The burning question was in connection with something Tyson wrote about her and Pitt in his 2013 book, Hollywood Life reports.

The boxer claimed in the book that following their split, he once drove up to Givens' house and spotted her in a car with Pitt in the driveway. While Givens admitted that the incident did really happen, she debunked rumors claiming the world-renowned slugger caught the two in bed together.

Robin Givens attends Discovery Inc. 2019 NYC Upfront at Alice Tully Hall on April 10, 2019, in New York City. (Getty Images)

"I didn't read his book," Givens said when Cohen brought up Tyson's claims. "Pulling up in the driveway? That part's true. I thought he said he caught us in bed. I didn't read the book, but I was told he said he caught us in bed — which never happened. Never ever happened."

Cohen then pressed the former model about her ex-husband's claim that Pitt was terrified when he approached them in the car. According to Iron Mike, the Hollywood heartthrob "looked ready to receive his last rites" and pleaded with him, "Don't strike me, don’t strike me! We were just running lines. She was talking about you the whole time.” 

Actors Brad Pitt and Robin Givens pose for a portrait circa 1989 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Vinnie Zuffante/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

But Givens said Pitt never uttered those lines. 

“Does that sound like Brad?” she asked. “I mean, Brad’s got some swag. No, never.” According to Givens, she and Brad were only "coming back from a screening" when her former husband caught them in the car together.

Givens and Tyson first met each other in 1986, and married each other just two years after. The model-turned-actress suffered a miscarriage in 1986, after which their relationship went downhill.

In October that year, Givens filed for divorce and re-married in 1997. However, she divorced with her new husband months later. She has two children - a son she adopted in 1993 and another she had with an ex-boyfriend in 1999.

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