'Don't': Release date, format, host and all you need to know about Ryan Reynolds's ABC game show

'Don't': Release date, format, host and all you need to know about Ryan Reynolds's ABC game show
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To cheer us during quarantine, ABC has come up with a game show, 'Don't', to make ourselves feel better. You can always rely on Ryan Reynolds to brighten your day. The 'Deadpool' actor will produce a hilarious game show called 'Don't', where contestants team up with their families to win up to 100,000. It's not as straightforward as it sounds, of course. They have to take on simple and ridiculous tasks, with one simple rule: 'Don't'.


So are you ready for a fun-filled summer? Here's all you need to know about the show.

Release date

'Don't' will air on June 11 at 9 pm on ABC. 


The show will feature “hilarious, unexpected moments that break from the traditional game show format," as the trailer says. Four-member teams will take on crazy challenges, like “Don’t blink,” “Don’t Look Back” and “Don’t Play Ball in the House.” The successful missions will earn money in team bank accounts, while failed challenges will force players to undergo some silly punishments. Contestants can also test their fearlessness by selecting risky options like the “Don’t Push” button or a “Don’t You Dare, You” challenge. In the end, teams will keep the money remaining in their bank.



The show will be hosted by Adam Scott from 'Parks and Recreation' and 'Big Little Lies', while Ryan Reynolds will lend his voice. Reynolds has acted in a range of films, including action movies like '6 Underground', romantic dramas like 'The Proposal' and the superhero flicks like 'Deadpool'. 'Deadpool' and its sequel shot Reynolds to astronomical heights of fame. Since then, many films have banked on Reynold's comedic talent and timing. 



Alongside Reynolds, additional executive producers include David Goldberg, Caroline Baumgard, David Hurwitz, Conrad Green and George Dewey.




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