Trump tweets 'Make America Great Again', Internet replies 'We can, as soon as you leave'

Trump tweets 'Make America Great Again', Internet replies 'We can, as soon as you leave'
Donald Trump (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

With July 4th just around the corner, President Donald Trump appears to be feeling all sorts of patriotic. He took to his Twitter account to share his patriotic feelings and thoughts, but little did he expect the backlash that awaited him. On July 2, the president tweeted "Make America Great Again". The same slogan that he used while he was running for the presidential elections. After he was elected, he changed it to "Keep America Great", but appears to have bounced back to the original slogan.

The president's tweet quickly elicited some very funny and hilarious responses from Twitter users. They indulged his wish to make America great again by suggesting ways to do it. Many users began pointing out how the country can be restored to its previous glory if only Trump was out of the picture.

A user responded to Trump's tweet with, "In order to do that you need to resign." Many users also mocked Trump's slogan. A user wrote, "Translation: after 4 years of my administration the country is in the worst shape since the Great Depression, so I’m trying to promise you that in my second term things will get better #TrumpDepression."

Another user commented, "You were already hired to make America great. And you failed. You need a new slogan, sweetie." "It's been several months since anyone in Trump's campaign has said 'KEEP AMERICA GREAT'. "Trump is like that senile old man trying to relive his glory days by acting like it’s 2016 again," pointed out a user. "We can, as soon as you leave," replied a user. "You've already had over 3 1/2 years. You make us any more great we will all be speaking Russian!" joked a user.

Trump's tweet also saw people saying how presidential candidate Joe Biden might be able to make the country great again. A user wrote, "BY VOTING FOR BIDEN!" Another user pointed, "You failed the first time, you're fired. #RidenWithBiden2020." "Then do something! Stop this mask and lockdown crap and grow some balls! Or I’m done with you!" said a user.

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