Is Trump guilty of tax fraud? Internet says 'of course he is', doubts if POTUS should pick SCOTUS nominee

The lawyers for District Attorney Cyrus Vance pointed to 'mountainous allegations of misconduct' pertaining to Trump and his business’ over tax fraud

                            Is Trump guilty of tax fraud? Internet says 'of course he is', doubts if POTUS should pick SCOTUS nominee
Donald Trump (Getty Images)

President Donald Trump and his business could be facing a criminal tax investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, prosecutors mentioned in a court filing on Monday, September 21. The lawyers for District Attorney Cyrus Vance made the argument in a filing with the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals where they pointed to "mountainous allegations of misconduct” which is why they wanted a subpoena for Trump’s tax returns to be enforced.

The lawyers said, “A mountainous record of criminal convictions and public allegations of misconduct ... confirms the reasonableness of the Mazars subpoena's time frame and its specific document requests.” The lawyers added that a subpoena for Trump is justified given news reports that have suggested that Trump’s company called Trump Organization, misstated the values of their business properties at different times. “Even if the grand jury were testing the truth of public allegations alone, such reports, taken together, fully justify the scope of the grand jury subpoena at issue in this case,” prosecutors wrote.

The filings said, as reported by CNBC, that if misstatements about business properties were conveyed from the Trump Organization’s headquarters in New York to business partners, insurers, potential lenders or tax authorities, that could mean the breaking of state laws such as a scheme to defraud, falsification of business records, insurance fraud and criminal tax fraud. Now, after the lawyer's court filing, the oral arguments are set to be heard on Friday, September 25, with a panel of three judges, all appointed by Democratic presidents. If investigated, this would be the first time that there would be specific grounds to probe Trump and his businesses for tax fraud.

If investigation would be undertaken then it might impact Trump who is to announce his Supreme Court nominee to succeed the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Trump said in a White House press conference on September 21 that he would announce the judge on “Friday or Saturday”. He added, "Five women are being looked at and vetted very carefully. Five. And we’ll make a decision – probably Saturday, but Friday or Saturday." As soon as the news of Trump being probed dropped, the Internet started a conversation about what they feel about it. Some hastily called POTUS “fraud” while others mentioned that the president wants to pick judge for the Supreme Court of the United States as he thinks they won’t uphold his criminal case. A user wrote, “Of course Trump is guilty of Tax Fraud, that & much much more!” 



A user stated the reason for Trump’s hastiness in choosing a judge for the SCOTUS. “Trump also wants the SCOTUS nomination because he thinks they won’t uphold his criminal case from the NY States Attorney’s Office! Tax fraud! He said it himself that it will go to the Supreme Court! McConnell wants to curtail your Constitutional right to vote! Vote him out!” Another remarked, “So its announced Trump is again being investigated for criminal activity, in this case tax fraud, and there are people who think he should be nominating SCOTUS'? I'm so effing confused!”





A user wrote, “If Republicans think they need a "full" SCOTUS bench by November, I need to know the result of the Manhattan district attorney's investigation into Trump's possible tax fraud by November.” Another felt Trump is rushing for an SC pick to save himself. “This is why Trump is rushing to name his SCOTUS nominee. He knows he's about to be criminally charged with tax fraud. Just like Capone, it will be taxes that takes out the.” Some felt that the POTUS under investigation for tax fraud shouldn't be allowed to pick the SCOTUS nominees.






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