Trump asks suburban women at rally ‘will you please like me?’ Pennsylvanian women tell him ‘no f**king way’

Trump asks suburban women at rally ‘will you please like me?’ Pennsylvanian women tell him ‘no f**king way’
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President Donald Trump on Tuesday, October 13, appealed to suburban women to support his reelection bid, as polls showed that his campaign is catering among that particular group of voters ahead of the November 3 election. 

At a campaign rally in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Trump praised his withdrawal of an Obama-era regulation meant to expand low-income housing in suburbs in an attempt to defeat racial discrimination and his support for law enforcement as reasons suburban voters should flock to his campaign. "They talk about suburban women. And somebody said, ‘I don’t know if the suburban woman likes you.’ I said, ‘Why?’" Trump told the crowd, though he did not clarify to whom he had spoken. "They said, ‘They may not like the way you talk,’ but I’m about law and order. I’m about having you safe. I’m about having your suburban communities. I don’t want to build low-income housing next to your house."

"Suburban women, they should like me more than anybody here tonight because I ended the regulation that destroyed your neighborhood. I ended the regulation that brought crime to the suburbs, and you’re going to live the American dream," he added. "So can I ask you to do me a favor? Suburban women, will you please like me? I saved your damn neighborhood, OK?"

As soon as his appeal came into light, people started slamming I'm, as one Internet user wrote, "I’m not a suburban woman, but I’m guessing their response is 'No. Now f**k off.'" While another one wrote, "Why would any woman vote for a man who's trying to take away their rights along with their healthcare, locks children in cages, lies constantly, calls women names and disrespects them, thinks they'll vote for him because he's racist, and brags about grabbing their privates? #SWAT." One woman replied to Trump's request and wrote, "'Fuck off Trump! And take Barr and McConnell with you,' Sincerely, Suburban Women." 






One Pennsylvanian woman tweeted, "I am Pennsylvanian. Excuse my french..."no fucking way!"" While another one wrote, "Pennsylvania to Trump: 'F**k off!'" And one said, "Suburban women across America scream in unison, 'NO!'"










While one user wrote, "Women in suburbs want what all women want. We want leaders who are trustworthy, knowledgeable, honorable. People we can introduce our children to and say we want you to be like this. We don't want a bully, name calling man child telling us what we need. We know what we need." And another suburb woman announced, "I am a suburban ex GOP woman. I saw him for what he was in 2016, did not vote for him then. Even more firm in my beliefs now, already have submitted my vote for @JoeBiden. #SWAT"




One listed her reason and said, "Because we have all met someone like him and know that he is dishonest and only cares about himself and his (fragile) ego." While another one shared her experience and wrote, "I'm a single suburban woman who is insulted by the false fear being thrown at us. We wear our masks because we care about our neighbors and the front line workers who keep us safe. We may have different opinions, but we respect each other. #SWAT"




Another one claimed, "He didn’t save my neighborhood. He makes it more dangerous every minute. I’m not thinking about public housing (if I were, zoning is a thing); I’m thinking about infection rates and my kids being able to go to school. I’m thinking about my parents never seeing my kids again." While one suburb woman spoke for many and wrote, "Myself and virtually all of my suburban friends are repulsed by the behavior of DJT. No one wants their children to turn out like the Trumps. We are voting for empathy, decency, honesty, integrity and diplomacy That’s right #BidenHarris2020."





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