Trump calls Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a 'real beauty' who knows nothing about economy as he slams Green New Deal

AOC introduced the Green New Deal resolution in Feb 2019 to address the dual issues of climate change and economic inequality

                            Trump calls Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a 'real beauty' who knows nothing about economy as he slams Green New Deal
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President Donald Trump on Thursday, August 6, slammed one of his political opponents, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, saying she is “a real beauty” who “knows nothing about the economy”. The president was speaking at an event in the battleground state of Ohio where he launched an attack against the Democratic Party, saying its leaders wanted to “inflict a socialist takeover of the US economy known as the horrendous Green New Deal”. 

In February last year, Democratic Senator Ed Markey and Cortez, a representative from New York, introduced the Green New Deal resolution which looks at addressing the dual issues of climate change and economic inequality. Taking a dig at AOC, who became the youngest member of the Congress in 2018, Trump said the package “was conceived by a young woman AOC — AOC plus three, I say — AOC, that’s a real beauty, isn’t it?”

AOC will make US another Venezuela: Trump

“She knows as much about the environment — do we have any young children here? — as that young child over there. I think he knows more. And she certainly knows nothing about the economy,” said the Republican leader, who doesn’t believe climate change is a real thing. The poll-bound President also said AOC’s policies could result in the American economy crumbling like that of Venezuela. “Venezuela was a very wealthy country 20 years ago — one of the wealthiest per capita, one of the wealthiest, tremendous oil reserves, everything. Now they don’t have food. They don’t have water. They don’t have medicine. They don’t have anything. Same thing could happen,” Trump said.

He then slammed the Democrats for their opposition to fracking and connected it with Ohio’s economy. “They want to ban fracking, which will demolish your state. It will demolish Ohio oil and gas jobs. They want to rejoin the disastrous Paris Climate Accord, where you’ll pay billions and billions of dollars for the privilege of getting ripped off by other countries,” he said.

Political analyst and writer Zerlina Maxwell tweeted the video of Trump’s speech to say “she (AOC) has a degree in economics” to make her objection to the president’s attack clear. Her tweet was retweeted by AOC.


In January, AOC, a firebrand self-proclaimed socialist leader, lashed out at Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin over the latter ridiculing teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg. The Trump administration official said at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that the Swedish was in no position to give economic advice till she earned a degree in the same. He said it in response to Thunberg’s call to divest from fossil fuels.

Tweeting a report from Associated Press, AOC sided with Thunberg to blast Mnuchin. She said: “If you don’t have an economics degree like Greta, they’ll mock you for not having one. If you DO have one, as I do, they’ll claim it’s illegitimate. Haters gonna hate & deniers will deny. They will deny logic, science, and environmental consensus in order to protect oligarchy.”


It seems Trump read her tweet and was waiting for his turn to hit back at AOC’s credentials in economics. The Democratic Congresswoman has an undergraduate degree in international relations with a minor in economics.

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