Trump claims China, Iran want Biden to defeat him in 2020 election as they 'dream' of negotiating better deals

Trump claims China, Iran want Biden to defeat him in 2020 election as they 'dream' of negotiating better deals
Donald Trump (Getty Images)

President Donald Trump was focusing on winning his second election this year when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world. The consequences of the outbreak have been disastrous for the US. While the spread of the infection has gone up rapidly, the economy is also staring at an uncertain future. The situation is turning so desperate that Trump even hinted at reopening the country in the middle of the outbreak, leaving officials, experts and common people shocked. He has also been attacking the mainstream media over its coverage of his administration’s response to the outbreak, saying it is a conspiracy to see him fail in the November election this year.

On Thursday, March 26, Trump played the victim card once again. During a press conference at the White House in the presence of the members of his coronavirus task force, the Republican commander-in-chief linked the pandemic with politics and alleged countries like China and Iran are rooting for Joe Biden in the upcoming election. Biden is the Democratic presidential frontrunner with whom Trump had an ugly clash over dealings in Ukraine. He said it is the “best dream” of China and Iran to negotiate with Biden or somebody else and not him.


'That's their best dream in the world'

“We made a [trade] deal with China, and we're going to do another one, it looks like. They want to do it very badly. Maybe they'll want to wait, like Iran, to see whether or not Trump gets beaten in the election because would they love to negotiate with Biden or somebody else other than me. They would love it. That’s their best dream in the world,” Trump said.

“There are some that may be waiting until after November 3, the election day. But I think we are doing very well. It would be sad if we blew all of the advantages that we have right now because we made unbelievable trade deals. Whether it’s Mexico, Canada, Japan, South Korea, China and others, we have changed the whole thing around,” he added.

The US is in the middle of a fierce trade war with China while with Iran, the Trump administration has been pursuing an aggressive diplomatic policy that saw cancelation of the nuclear negotiation made with Tehran under the previous administration of Barack Obama in 2015. 

Trump said he was likely to speak with President Xi Jinping later on Thursday on issues like coronavirus and the trade deal.

The president, who has remained restricted in the White House for nearly two-and-half weeks with his rallies and other trips getting canceled, said he planned to visit Norfolk, Virginia, on Saturday, March 28, to send off the USNS Comfort hospital ship for the badly affected New York City. It is expected to reach the destination on Monday, March 30. 


"I'm going to go out and I'll kiss it goodbye," Trump said.

Till Thursday, the US saw its total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus at over 63,000 while 884 lives were lost. Worldwide, 0.46 million people were affected with the death toll crossing 21,000.


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