Trump retweets photo of Bernie Sanders 'Free Sh*t' sign with dog feces in grass before going on meme mania

Trump retweets photo of Bernie Sanders 'Free Sh*t' sign with dog feces in grass before going on meme mania
Bernie Sanders and President Donald Trump (Getty Images)

President Donald Trump retweeted an offensive picture of dog feces heaped near a fake political sign for 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders promising "free shit" on the evening of December 27.

The original picture tweet, with no comment or caption, came from the account of Twitter user Deb Porter, whose profile description said she was a "Proud Trump Supporter!" Her account was suspended after 11 pm EST and this automatically removed the post from Trump's timeline as well. 

However, sharp-eyed Twitter watchers didn't take long to point out how Trump had used this offensive Bernie meme, saving the retweet for Internet posterity.

The Sanders retweet was just one of many retweets Trump shared on his personal Twitter feed.

Shortly after sharing the Sanders meme, Trump retweeted laudatory video collages and pro-Trump memes from the accounts like @CaliNeedsHelp, @SJPFISH along with an anti-Barack Obama meme from @tweekerhateme—also suspended at the same time as Porter's account.


@SJPFISH has also been flagged by Twitter for displaying "unusual activity". 

Vox reporter Aaron Rupar tweeted that Porter was a "QAnon fan account", and pointed out that the account was created only this month.

Reporter Helen Kennedy replied to Rupar's tweet, saying: "I don't think the origin of the tweet is as pertinent as the fact that the President of the United States tweeted out a photo of a turd." 

The fake "Free Shit" Bernie Sanders sign refers to Sanders' campaign promising to give additional government support to voters through schemes like Medicare for All and by canceling all student loan debt.

Sanders had said that such plans would be funded by taxing the rich. However, critics have dismissed Sanders for promising "free shit". Some conservatives against Bernie Sander's policies do sell t-shirts with the slogan written in the same font as the Sanders campaign to express their disagreement.


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