Trump mispronounces Ulysses Grant as 'Ulysseus' twice in speech at Mount Rushmore, Internet says he's a 'moron'

Twitter was buzzing with users mocking Trump's Mt Rushmore speech, which was filled with mispronunciations

                            Trump mispronounces Ulysses Grant as 'Ulysseus' twice in speech at Mount Rushmore, Internet says he's a 'moron'
Trump (Photo by Erin Schaff-Pool/Getty Images)

Civil war hero and former president of the USA Ulysses Grant, can't seem to catch a break. Donald Trump labeled the former president an "alcoholic" in one of his earlier speeches, but he wasn't done yet. Trump mentioned the war hero twice in his speech while kicking off the July 4th celebrations. During the Mount Rushmore event on Fourth of July, the president gave a speech condemning the protesters who attacked the statues of confederate leaders. 

While expressing his displeasure with the protesters, he began citing the example of several historical figures whose statues were being targetted across the country. While mentioning the likes of Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, he also mentioned the civil war hero Ulysses Grant. Unfortunately, the president appeared to have trouble with pronouncing "Ulysses". He instead pronounced it as "Ulyssesus". He made the same error twice.

General Ulysses Simpson Grant, later the 18th President of the United States. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Internet was quick to catch Trump's mistake and began mocking him. An internet user tweeted, "Trump has completely mangled every word longer than 3 syllables. And he even f*cked up Ulysses S. Grant again; TWICE! And Jefferson! He's a f-ing moron! He knows the best words." Another user wrote, "Watching Trump get Ulysses Grant's first name wrong was a real highlight."

"Trump is awful and scary, of course, but I do enjoy that not only can he not say "Ulysses," he says it wrong just a bit differently every time," expressed another amused user. "Ok this is at least the third time Trump has botched Ulysses S. Grant’s first name. He really thinks it‘s “Ulysius”," pointed out a user. 

Ulysses wasn't the only word that the president had trouble pronouncing. He even mispronounced words like totalitarinism, noble, A user commented, "Another disgusting rant by tRump to the cult. Just to point out a few things: It's Ulysses S Grant, not Ulyissius S It's NOBEL NOT NOBLE It's totalitarianism, NOT totalitaritism!! You treasonous, orange, nacissistic piece of shit." 

Trump was accompanied by his wife Melania Trump to the Mount Rushmore rally. The event was hosted by former 'Entertainment Tonight' hostess Mary Hart. Trump's speech heavily touched on the ongoing protests and his disappointment with the current state of affairs.

Read the full speech here. 

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