Donald Trump and Melania's Christmas message slammed, Internet says 'at least think of those killed by Covid-19'

Trump and Melania have been called out for their video which people are saying lacks in 'empathy' while millions are dying due to the pandemic

                            Donald Trump and Melania's Christmas message slammed, Internet says 'at least think of those killed by Covid-19'
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POTUS Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump delivered their final Christmas message via a video on Thursday, December 24. In the video, they were seen praising the frontline health workers but did not make any mention of the death toll from the coronavirus pandemic. The video was around three minutes long where they spoke about Covid-19 scientists and praised them for the vaccines which they said was "truly a Christmas miracle". 

The video was one of their final public messages together in the White House. Melania said, "The president and I want to wish every American a very merry Christmas" and noted that "this Christmas is different than years past". She added, "We are battling a global pandemic that has affected all of us. Yet, through this great challenge, we have been inspired by the kindness and courage of citizens across this country."

"Teachers have worked extraordinarily hard to keep our children learning, students have delivered groceries to elderly neighbors, communities have found new ways to stay connected to one another. Courageous first responders, doctors, and nurses have given everything to save lives. Brilliant scientists have developed treatments and vaccines," she continued. 


Trump said that the US is "delivering millions of doses of a safe and effective vaccine that will soon end this terrible pandemic and save millions and millions of lives." He added, "We’re grateful for all of the scientists, researchers, manufacturing workers, and service members who have worked tirelessly to make this breakthrough possible."

Melania thanked "the brave and selfless Americans who keep us safe. We are forever grateful for the men and women of law enforcement and the heroes of the United States military." While Trump concluded, "In this holy season, we thank god for his infinite love and we pray that the light of his glory will forever shine on this magnificent land."

Many social media users commented on the video and slammed the Trumps for the same. One such user shared, "Could they look anymore uncomfortable with their religious words & lack of empathy and emotions. They look like they are giving a eulogy, Yet still no sympathy to the families/friends lost by his failure, well at least they are trying i guess. Have a safe Merry Christmas."

Another added, "How dare you just how can just leave and let people suffer even more then they already how its all on you that families are dieing and others loosing everything while you and yours have more then you deserve." Yet another commented, "So glad you can have a merry Christmas with all the loss between loved ones and jobs for allot of lives our losses are going to affect us for years if not for the rest of our lives one thing but can say out of all my life I've learned where our government stands for us."




"Hope you enjoy being well fed, warm and safe while millions of Americans are not. Think of the people who are grieving the loss of loved ones due to your failure to take Covid seriously. By all means, continue to pardon traitors and murderers while the country sinks deeper," said one. Another said, "26 days & a wake-up. Donald Trump vetoes bill for US Military pay raises. Donald Trump refuses to sign coronavirus relief bill. Go to hell."

"Give Majority of Americans a break and refer to this treasonous person as Donald, Donald Trump or Mr. Trump. He has humiliated and defiled the Office he lost.. Do we agree?" wrote another. Yet another shared, "There is no sincerity or warmth emanating from these two at all. And to hear that dreadful excuse of a man referencing God, is just plain insulting."






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