Mary Trump heard Donald say the N-word and anti-Semitic slurs, Angry Internet calls him 'lowlife piece of s**t'

During one of her interviews related to her tell-all family memoir, Mary Trump said her uncle Donald has used racial slurs

                            Mary Trump heard Donald say the N-word and anti-Semitic slurs, Angry Internet calls him 'lowlife piece of s**t'

The Trumps surely know how to create news and be in it too. This time it’s not just US President Donald Trump, but his niece Mary Trump who is sharing the spotlight with him. The reason: her recently released tell-all family memoir 'Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man'. The book tracing and describing the Trump family and their influence on the psyche of the current US President has sold 950,000 copies through Tuesday, the book’s first day of sales, the publisher said in a statement.

The author is doing her book tour currently. During an interview with Rachel Maddow of MSNBC in 'The Rachel Maddow Show', the host prodded Mary if she had ever heard the president use racist or anti-Semitic slurs. To which the author said, "Yeah, of course I did." Mary added, "And I don’t think that should surprise anybody, given how virulently racist he is today." Another recent interview with The Washington Post quoted Mary as saying that growing up in her family, her experience was one of "a knee-jerk anti-Semitism, a knee-jerk racism".
Maddow was further asked if she had ever heard the president saying the N-word, to which she replied "yeah". Since then the internet has erupted with tweets supporting Mary with many saying that they already knew he was racist. A user tweeted, "Mary Trump is telling the truth! Trump has finally met his match!! Truth will always prevail!!."

Another user said, "Finally someone brave enough to tell the truth WOW! The truth hurts. Don’t it Republicans you can’t defend Trump now who would know more about Trump his family or a bunch white old Republicans men? I would put my money on Mary Trump she’s family." There was huge support pouring in for Mary. A tweet said, "So impressed by the Mary trump interview with R Maddow and follow up with L O Donnell and Dr from Harvard —T is about sadistic power. He needs to be challenged! Biden needs to be confidently dismissive of T and stick to future without T.” One more said, "Mary Trump is only confirming what everyone already knows. Trump is a lowlife piece of ѕ**t."

The book was an instant hit, even though the president’s brother Robert Trump unsuccessfully tried to stop its publication in court. While there’s no dearth of books criticizing the president, what makes this book stand out is that it is written by a family member. Mary makes use of her doctoral degree in psychology to analyze her uncle and his behavior. Mary, 55, has been estranged from her family over matters of inheritance, among other things, and was an open supporter of Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Mary, in her book, has also alleged that the president asked a kid named Joe Shapiro to take the SATs on his behalf. In the Washington Post interview, she further slammed her cousin Ivanka, saying, "She spouts bromides on social media, but either she tries to have an impact and fails, or just isn’t interested in having an impact."

As published in The Washington Post, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Thursday said, "This is a book of falsehoods, plain and simple."

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