Trump kept list of women who refused to date him and called them 'ugliest and fattest slobs', says niece Mary

Trump kept list of women who refused to date him and called them 'ugliest and fattest slobs', says niece Mary
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Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump’s tell-all book hit the shelves on July 14 explaining her “toxic family's” contribution towards creating the man who has overseen a pandemic that killed over 130,000 people in the US and lashed out when people took to the streets for peaceful Black Lives Matter protests.

“No one knows how Donald came to be who he is better than his own family. Unfortunately, almost all of them remain silent out of loyalty or fear. I’m not hindered by either of those,” Mary writes in the book.

In her explosive book, ‘Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man’, the president’s niece has revealed that her uncle used to keep a list of women who refused to date him. Mary has written that when she was in her late 20s, Trump hired her to ghostwrite ‘The Art of the Comeback’. After the hiring process, a desk in a back office at the Trump Organization was given to her to start the work on the book. However, when Mary requested Trump to be interviewed for the book, the 74-year-old refused, and instead, she was given daily newspaper clippings and folders about her uncle.

“One night, as I sat at home trying to figure out how to piece together something vaguely interesting out of the uninteresting documents I’d been poring over,” Mary claimed, she received a message from an assistant of Trump that he would be sending pages over soon. “‘I’ve been working on material for the book. It’s really good,’” Mary recalled Trump telling her over the phone in her 240-page book.

However, when she opened the folder containing a 10-page transcript of a recording Trump had made, she realized it was “an aggrieved compendium of women he had expected to date but who, having refused him, were suddenly the worst, ugliest and fattest slobs he’d ever met”. Mary added: “The biggest takeaways were that Madonna chewed gum in a way Donald found unattractive and that Katarina Witt, a German Olympic figure skater who had won two gold medals and four world championships, had big calves. I stopped asking him for an interview.”

Earlier in July, the book by Mary claimed that Trump preferred to go for a movie over attending his alcoholic brother who died alone in the hospital. She claimed that the older brother of the president, Fred Trump Jr, was sent to the hospital alone by his family the night he died in 1981. Fred reportedly died at the age of 42 alone in hospital from an alcohol-induced heart attack, while his brother went to watch a movie. In her tell-all, Mary wrote that her father, a TWA pilot, suffered abuse at the hands of his father Fred Trump Sr, who once shouted, “Donald is worth ten of you,” at him while a group of employees looked on.

Mary, a clinical psychologist, is reportedly the first member of the Trump family to write a book on Trump and she decided to do that because the Republican leader, according to her publisher, Simon & Schuster, “now threatens the world’s health, economic security, and social fabric”.

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