Don Jr tweets Trump campaign ad calling Biden 'a zombie' who 'craves human flesh' and 'mutters and groans'

The ad, meant to mock the Democratic challenger, asks voters to 'keep a zombie out of the White House!'

                            Don Jr tweets Trump campaign ad calling Biden 'a zombie' who 'craves human flesh' and 'mutters and groans'
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President Donald Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, on Monday, October 26, tweeted a new advertisement by the Trump campaign denouncing Democratic nominee Jow Biden as he told his followers to "Keep a zombie out of the White House!" The advert detailed "how to spot a zombie" as it showed multiple clips of the presidential hopeful. The zombie categories in the advert included a "corpse-like appearance," "exhibits aggressive behavior," "craves human flesh" and "utters incoherent mutters and groans." The voiceover, in the video, concludes by saying: "With your help, we can still prevent the zombie uprising." 

According to the Trump campaign, the ad will air during zombie TV shows 'Fear the Walking Dead',  and 'The Walking Dead: World Beyond', and appears to be a joke to run the week before Halloween.

Trump Jr has consistently slammed his father's political rival and had recently called him the "most corrupt and compromised presidential candidate" ever. The Republican had made the comments just hours after Trump faced off with Biden during a live debate last week on Thursday, October 22. He tweeted: "If journalists bothered to look into Biden and his family like they did to my family for the last four years. The Democrats wouldn’t be in a situation where their nominee could be the most corrupt and compromised candidate in the history of American presidential politics."

The president's son also sparked rumors over the weekend of him running for president next year. Trump Jr had taken to Instagram to share a picture of him pointing at a huge "Don Jr 2024" sign at the Fallon Nevada Livestock Auction on Saturday, October 24. He captioned the picture writing: "Hahahahaha. Oh boy. This was a sign I saw up at the Fallon Nevada Livestock Auction. This will make the lib heads explode. To whomever made that thanks for the compliment... but let’s get through 2020 with a big win first!!!!"


A recent survey, conducted by Redfield & Wilton Strategies, asked if voters would support the two Trump children, Trump Jr and Ivanka Trump, in a future presidential election. Respondents, in the result, backed Trump Jr narrowly over Ivanka. A majority of respondents, however, said that they would not support either. At least 21 percent said that they would vote for Trump Jr, while 17 percent backed Ivanka. However, 63 percent of the respondents said that they would not back Trump Jr, while 68 percent said the same for Ivanka. The poll, which was conducted between October 17 and 18, surveyed a total of 3,150 weighted registered US voters.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama and current Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris, however, were favored over Trump Jr, and Ivanka Trump as future candidates for the White House in the same poll. All the aforementioned politically-linked figures have been touted as potential candidates for the 2024 presidential elections. Trump Jr, in previous polling, was put behind Vice President Mike Pence as Republicans' preferred candidates for the next White House run. President Donald Trump, earlier this year, however, had dismissed daughter Ivanka's potential political aspirations. Trump had also rejected claims that he had considered her as his running mate in 2016.

Meanwhile, a Forbes report stated that at least "48% of Americans had an unfavorable view of Donald Trump Jr. in a YouGov/Economist poll in March, compared to just 36% who expressed a favorable view – though he has 71% favorability among Republicans. Eric Trump was less known in the poll, with a 32% favorability and 43% unfavorability overall and 64% favorability among Republicans."

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