'Gonna crash worse than his airlines': Trump Jr trolled for sharing Donald Trump's Truth post

'Gonna crash worse than his airlines': Trump Jr trolled for sharing Donald Trump's Truth post
Donald Trump Jr shared Trump's first Truth post (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)

Donald Trump Jr shared on Instagram and Twitter what he claimed was his father's first post on his new social media site, Truth Social, on Tuesday, February 15. Twitter users have reacted to this message in a variety of ways.

"Get Ready! Your favourite President will see you soon!" the former president, Donald Trump shared a post on social media. "BREAKING: This was Donald Trump's first post on Truth Social," Trump Jr captioned a screenshot of the post on Instagram and Twitter. "Time for some Truth!!!"  Trump Jr published the post. Truth Social was supposed to go live on February 21, but that date has been moved back to March 31.


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One individual wrote, "Trump's first post on his Twitter clone site was written to people not on the site. This was written to be a screenshot post on Twitter. This will be such a glorious dumpster fire."


Another person made a tweet,  "Truth Social is going to fail in spectacular fashion and I'm going to absolutely love it."


The following was a tweet from someone else: "One whole ducking day and 49 people liked it. Hahahahahhahahaha This is gonna crash worse than his fucking bankrupt airlines."


According to another tweet, "The only thing Truth and Trump have in common are the first 3 letters of the words. 45 is not my favorite President. He is the biggest loser ever born in this country. Ever."


On several occasions, Donald Trump Jr has been criticized for sharing information that isn't supposed to be shared in the name of expressing his opinions. One such instance was when, following the conclusion of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into an alleged collaboration between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election, he shared a Maury Povich meme on Instagram to criticise Democrats.

"Democrats, the test results are back, and Donald Trump is your daddy," Trump Jr wrote on Instagram a day after Mueller's final report was released. It continued, "... and your president," the president's son wrote in response, accompanied with three laughing emojis. Trump Jr's meme featured daytime talk show presenter Maury Povich, whose show is known for shocking disclosures about cheating spouses and love triangles. Trump Jr's remark came just after his father's supporters applauded following reports that Mueller will not seek any additional persecutions. According to a senior Justice Department official, Mueller did not propose any new indictments, in a hint that there may be no more criminal charges against Trump allies connected to the probe.

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