'Rules only applying one way': Donald Trump Jr. slams Netflix for giving comedian Aziz Ansari a 'second chance'

Trump Jr.'s reaction came after Netflix said Sunday they'd 'be happy' to do more of Ansari's 'Master of None.'

                            'Rules only applying one way': Donald Trump Jr. slams Netflix for giving comedian Aziz Ansari a 'second chance'
Donald Trump Jr (Source:Getty Images)

Donald Trump Jr. brought forth a case of liberal bias in Hollywood on Twitter when he said comedian Aziz Ansari is being offered a "second chance" despite an allegation of sexual misconduct while Roseanne Barr has been ostracized on one count of racist tweeting.

On Monday, Don Jr. tweeted the following while sharing a Vanity Fair story which reported that the head of original content for Netflix would be "happy" to make another season of Ansari's Master of None.

"I'm sure they're chomping at the bit to give Rosanne and other conservatives a second chance... right?"

"Yet another example of the rules only applying one way. At least they're consistent. Take note."

Ever since Ansari was accused of sexual misconduct with an unidentified 23-year-old photographer during a date, he has tried to keep a low profile.

The alleged victim had said that the comedian "pressured" her to have sexual intercourse with him (which she ultimately didn't), ignoring her verbal and non-verbal cues. 

At the time, allegations against Ansari came at the pinnacle of the #MeToo movement - thus spurring a huge debate around the modern definition of sexual assault and how free we are to talk about it, reported Daily Mail.

Also, many celebrities defended his behavior, saying that his conduct did not equate to assault and that the accusations were not in resonance with the #MeToo movement.

On Sunday, just a couple of months later, a programming executive for Netflix, Cindy Holland, spoke during a critic's meeting and said they are thinking about a third season for the show starred and created by Ansari.

Not revealing any production or release timelines, Holland said that the streaming service would "certainly be happy" to make another "Master of None" season with the comedian.

However, conservatives such as Trump Jr. are saying that it is hypocritical for Netflix to offer Ansari another chance after canceling Barr's sitcom simply over her comments. 

On Monday, the entire cast of Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy' released a statement on Monday in support of embattled director James Gunn, reported Fox News. While his Hollywood pals condemned his tweets that joked about pedophilia and rape at the time, they ultimately sided with him.

In a conversation with Fox News, Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor said that it's "frustrating” to see that the Guardians have gone from “protecting us from evil to rationalizing” it. The difference is, Gainor pointed out, that Gunn is a liberal while Barr is a rather outspoken conservative.

“We get to watch Hollywood line up to guard director James Gunn over his pedophilia comments, while coworkers scurried away from Roseanne like she was radioactive. The world is very forgiving -- but only if you are a liberal in Hollywood,” Gainor said.

Chris Baron, a conservative strategist, told Fox news it is a “truly bizarre hill to die on” for 'Guardians of the Galaxy' stars due to the biased reactions.

“The same liberals who demanded Roseanne’s head on a stake for a single tweet and who have sought to punish conservatives everywhere, now suddenly are worried about Gunn being fired for hundreds of vile tweets. Claiming they were all ‘jokes.' Going forward the left needs to decide if words matter or not,” Barron said.

“Every Hollywood cause is generally complete with calls for boycotts and career-targeting for those who are politically disapproved,” wrote conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. “Hollywood is rife with discrimination against conservatives… and members of the Hollywood community haven’t been shy about excising those who don’t agree with them on cultural grounds.”

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