Was Donald Trump Jr at Motel 6? Alleged video of him slurring and ranting sparks wild theories on social media

The video showed what appeared to be Trump Jr and he was attacking Hunten Biden and his alleged links with Chinese government

                            Was Donald Trump Jr at Motel 6? Alleged video of him slurring and ranting sparks wild theories on social media
Donald Trump Jr (Getty Images)

It’s been almost a month since Joe Biden was declared the president-elect. However, President Donald Trump has not conceded and continues to push for the theory of alleged ‘election fraud’. He has been pursuing the legal route.

Just like his father, Donald Trump Jr also gets a lot of attention on social media – whether it’s his tweets or videos. Recently, a suspicious video of him was circulated on Twitter. While MEAWW cannot independently verify who or where was this first posted, the video was shared by Palmer Report and another verified user Rex Chapman.





The video shows Trump Jr in a hotel room alleging, “For every major media outlet, spend weeks and months, trying to pretend that the Bidens weren’t tied to China. There was no link there. There was nothing shady at all about Hunter getting a billion dollar investment from the Chinese government. I mean this isn’t like he is dealing with a Chinese businessman who happens to be an American or an expat…. But from the actual Chinese government. It was as if it was a conspiracy theory. It was like it was a hoax. And now we see, I guess the US marshals and the people in Delaware are investigating Hunter Biden for tax fraud. And I imagine it amongst other things.” The authenticity of the video cannot be confirmed independently by MEAWW. Many are suspecting it to be another deep fake video.

Soon people on Twitter started talking about it. Some users insinuated that the bearded Trump Jr seemed like he was in a room at Motel 6. It is a privately-owned hospitality company with a chain of budget motels in the US and Canada. The hotel brand is owned by The Blackstone Group, which established G6 Hospitality as the management company for Motel 6 and Studio 6. After some time, the budget chain of hotels, Motel 6 was trending on Twitter. 

One user wrote: “Don Jr. looks like he's on location for a home renovation show.. this weeks edition...Motel 6.” Another speculated, “Maybe Don Jr is at at the Motel 6 waiting on Rudy's next press conference?” A user commented, “Is Don Jr. staying at Motel 6 because he's quarantining or did he get kicked to the curb?” One stated, “Motel 6 is trending under politics, and if you needed an explanation of America right now, there it is.” Author Matt Gallagher commented, “When your mom calls during the beer pong tournament and asks how poly sci is going.”











Meanwhile, POTUS has continued his attack on AG Bill Barr and even shared a post that demanded that he should be fired for keeping critical information under wraps. As reported by MEAWW, Trump is reportedly frustrated with Barr over his apparent failure to take action on criminal allegations against Biden's son Hunter. According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, the AG allegedly knew that Hunter was being investigated by the feds in the months leading up to the election, but failed to make it public anyway.

Trump wrote, "Why didn’t Bill Barr reveal the truth to the public, before the Election, about Hunter Biden. Joe was lying on the debate stage that nothing was wrong, or going on - Press confirmed. Big disadvantage for Republicans at the polls!”




These remarks were made by the internet and individual organizations, MEAWW cannot confirm them independently and nor does it support these claims being made on the Internet.

Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.