Donald Trump Jr jokes Mitt Romney is 'my favorite Democrat,' says won't rule out running for office

Donald Trump Jr jokes Mitt Romney is 'my favorite Democrat,' says won't rule out running for office
Donald Trump Jr. (Source : Getty Images)

President Donald Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, on Tuesday, took a swipe at Utah Senator Mitt Romney, saying the Republican was his "favorite Democrat." He made the remarks while appearing at a morning TV show to promote his book titled, 'Triggered'.

When Trump Jr was asked by CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King: "Who is your favorite Democrat?" the Trump elder took a few seconds and answered with: "Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney's my favorite Democrat, Gayle. How about that?" the Daily Mail reported.

Romney, a first-term senator from Utah, was the presidential nominee of the Republican party in 2012 against former President Barack Obama. The Republican lost in the race, which Trump called "winnable." President Trump has also previously said that Romney "choked like a dog," and routinely casts him as a stealth liberal in the Republican party.

When asked about running for office, Trump Jr said: "I'm interested in winning 2020 for my father right now. We'll worry about everything else later. I don't ever rule anything out."

"Right now, I like the campaigning part," he said. "I actually enjoy some of that fight. I like getting out there and being with real people and seeing the difference my father and his policies are making in their lives. But I don't know, right now, at this stage of my life, that I would like the day-job component of it," he acknowledged.

The president's son, while speaking to a Bloomberg Radio interview in March, had hinted to a political future, saying: "My father decided to get into politics at 68. I'm 41, I've got plenty of time."
Romney, meanwhile, in a recent interview, said he is already planning for a post-Trump Republican era, adding that Trump is not going to be the president forever.

The senator, while talking to The Atlantic, said: "The president will not be the president forever. Berating another person, or calling them names, or demeaning a class of people, not telling the truth - those are not private things. If during the campaign you pay a porn star $130,000, that now comes into the public domain."

Romney, a vocal critic of Trump despite being from the same party, had also denounced the president's withdrawal of troops from Syria earlier this month, and had deemed the move a "bloodstain on the annals of American history."


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 Donald Trump Jr jokes Mitt Romney my favorite Democrat won't rule out running for office