Trump claims 'jobs will disappear' under Biden's presidency, Angry Internet says 'you destroyed the economy'

Many people slammed Potus and said that the US economy is in the worst shape it's been in 15 years and blamed him for the tragedy

                            Trump claims 'jobs will disappear' under Biden's presidency, Angry Internet says 'you destroyed the economy'
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The American economy is currently facing its worst period due to the dire circumstances caused by the novel coronavirus. The Commerce Department reported on July 30 that the annual GDP had shrunk at the rate of 32.9% in the second quarter, worse than the previous record of 10% in 1958 and nearly four times the Great Recession between 2007 and 2009. 

As the pandemic continues to grip the country, another 1.43M people reportedly filed for unemployment last week, according to the Labor Department. Although the economy was reopened in May and June, the new surge in infections has yet again brought life to a standstill, forcing many businesses to halt temporarily. While the cry for help and support from the government is growing louder with more and more people calling out Donald Trump’s administration for being ineffective, the president was seen blaming presential candidate Joe Biden. Potus said that Biden would be responsible for unemployment should he be chosen in the upcoming elections. 

He took to Twitter on August 1 and wrote, "'Biden to raise taxes by 3 Trillion Dollars.' Actually, it will be much more than that, and much of it on nonsense. Markets and your 401k’s will CRASH. Jobs will disappear!"


Trump's tweet was severely criticized by internet users as they used the opportunity to remind him of the present dire condition of the economy, which has left many desperate. One agitated user said, "So many jobs are still closed under the Trump Administration!! So many unemployed! Our economy is in the worst shape its been in 15 years! The economy always goes south when Repubs are in power!!"


While another added, "United States GDP is down 32.9% on your watch. Millions of jobs have vanished under Trump. You destroyed the economy. Joe Biden is the one who will fix it?"


Some were also seen defending Biden against Trump's statement about him raising the taxes. One tweeted, "Biden wants to raise taxes on the billionaires, so that the middle class and lower classes can have health care and a higher minimum wage. Meanwhile you cut taxes for the ultra wealthy so that your friends could have better lives at the expense of the middle class."


Many of them are of the opinion that America is currently in crisis only because of Trump's approach to the pandemic. "401k's have ALREADY crashed, and jobs have already disappeared, never to return because you FAILED to take the pandemic seriously. You are the WORST 'president' in the history of America," read one tweet.


Another added, "Propaganda — that's all you have — lies and propaganda. The top 1% have to pay their taxes! You've been giving tax breaks to greedy corporations and the super rich while everybody else has been getting screwed. We should all know by now, you can't manage the economy!"


Meanwhile, Nariman Behravesh, chief economist at IHS Markit, has noted that the current situation of the nation is "horrific". He said, "We've never seen anything quite like it." according to reports. Commenting further on the impact of the pandemic on the economy and its recovery, he added, "Until we get the virus under control, we're going to need more help. Our view is that we're not going to get to the pre-pandemic levels of economic activity until some time in 2022."

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