Donald Trump responds to Jane Fonda's arrests after she calls him an 'oil president': 'She’s always got the handcuffs on'

Donald Trump responds to Jane Fonda's arrests after she calls him an 'oil president': 'She’s always got the handcuffs on'
Donald Trump, Jane Fonda (Source : Getty Images)

President Trump took a scathing shot at Jane Fonda during a Wednesday rally in Louisiana following her latest string of arrests.

The 81-year-old Hollywood veteran was mocked by the president after her weeks-long protest on the Capitol Building steps in Washington, DC against climate change.

Trump began discussing climate change advocates when he suddenly took aim at the 'Grace and Frankie' star, Fox News reports.

“They arrested Jane Fonda, nothing changes. I remember 30, 40 years ago they arrested her,” he said, drawing laughs from the crowd. “She’s always got the handcuffs on, oh man. She’s waving to everybody with the handcuffs. I can’t believe it.”

US President Donald Trump speaks during a 'Keep America Great' rally at the Monroe Civic Center on November 06, 2019 in Monroe, Louisiana. (Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)

The president also brought up Fonda's 1972 visit to North Vietnam, which notoriously earned her the nickname "Hanoi Jane."

“Remember that? She went to Vietnam to find out how nice they were. They weren’t too nice to her, by the way,” he said. “No, they arrested her today. Jane Fonda, nothing changes. They arrest… every 25 years they arrest her.”

The illustrious actress was most recently apprehended by authorities on Friday.

However, Fonda seems undeterred in her mission to encourage people to take action on climate change as part of her “Fire Drill Fridays” events, due to which she has been arrested almost every week.

Actress Jane Fonda is arrested for blocking a street in front of the U.S. Capitol during a “Fire Drill Fridays” climate change protest and rally on Capitol Hill, October 18, 2019, in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)

During an appearance on CNN late Wednesday, Fonda said she doesn't care whether Trump faces impeachment or loses the 2020 presidential election, as long as he loses his office in order to address the climate crisis.


"He is an oil President. His Cabinet is an oil Cabinet," Fonda told host Don Lemon when asked where she stood on impeachment. "He is bought off by fossil fuels. And a lot of people in the Senate, a lot of Republican candidates, are too."

"We can't solve the problem when we have elected officials who are paid by the fossil fuel industry," she added. "And so the sooner that we move beyond him, the better, whether it's through the elections or through impeachment or whatever."

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