Is Trump fine? Internet fears POTUS 'had a stroke' at Mount Rushmore event after he slurs words in speech

He struggled to pronounce words like founding which he pronounced as "funding", while totalitarianism became "totalitaritism" and nobel turned into "noble"

                             Is Trump fine? Internet fears POTUS 'had a stroke' at Mount Rushmore event after he slurs words in speech
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Anybody who has watched President Donald Trump's speech during the Mount Rushmore rally would have noticed that the president wasn't being his usual self. The president kicked off the July 4 celebrations by organizing a huge rally in Mount Rushmore. Accompanied by his wife, Melania Trump, he took to the podium to give a speech to his followers who attended the rally.

Trump's speech touched on his displeasure with the current state of affairs in the country. He seemed to be extremely unhappy with the protesters who pulled down several statues across the country. Last month several statues of Confederate leaders and leaders who had anything to do with slave trade were torn down by the Black Lives Matter protesters across the country.

Unfortunately for Trump, his passionate speech was filled with him mispronouncing words and occasionally slurring them. He struggled to pronounce words like "founding" which he pronounced as "funding", while "totalitarianism" became "totalitaritism", and "nobel" turned into "noble", amongst many of the errors in his speech. After watching Trump struggle with his speech, internet users couldn't help but wonder if the president was alright. 

Several users were convinced that the president might have had stroke or was experiencing a stroke while delivering the speech. A user wrote, "Trump looks like he had a stroke. He is not well. Or is this Parkinson’s getting worse. #MtRushmore #TrumpIsUnwell #botox." Another user tweeted, "I saw the speech.  Trump mixed up words.  Couldn't say Ulysses Grant.  Couldn't say Totalitarianism.  Lost his train of thought.  Trump looks like he's gonna stroke out." "Trump seems to be hiding that one side of his body from the camera. His shoulder on that side spasms at the same time he slurs/misspells in many videos," pointed out a user. 

Another user observed, "He's gone. Notice the twisting and twitching? Something is seriously wrong with man."

"Why did trump have so many issues correctly pronouncing words and completing sentences? Was he on drugs/medications, or is he just mentally deteriorating? He also is having issues walking down ramps and drinking water out of glasses. Has he experienced a stroke lately?" wondered a user. 

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