Trump to hold campaign rally in Tulsa on Juneteenth, Internet slams it as ‘massive racist hatefest’

A Trump campaign spokesperson tweeted a trailer-style clip for the rally that read, 'There is nothing like a @realDonaldTrump rally!'

                            Trump to hold campaign rally in Tulsa on Juneteenth, Internet slams it as ‘massive racist hatefest’
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In the wake of George Floyd protests and the rising number of deaths due to coronavirus cases, US President Donald Trump announced that he will hold a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, next week on Juneteenth. Also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day and Cel-Liberation Day, June 19 commemorates the end of slavery in the US. 

"Trump will hold a campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, next Friday, marking his first rally since the coronavirus crisis closed down states. The event could spark public health concerns, considering coronavirus infections are on the rise in 12 states. The rally will also take place on Juneteenth, in the city where a 1921 massacre of Black people occurred," reported The Guardian. The troubling location infamous for its racist history and the significance of the day have raised many eyebrows.

A Trump campaign spokesperson tweeted a trailer-style clip for the rally that read, "There is nothing like a @realDonaldTrump rally!" During a White House event, Trump said, "A beautiful new venue, brand new. We’re looking forward to it," and added, "They’ve done a great job with COVID, as you know, the state of Oklahoma." The news soon started circulating on social media and was met with heavy criticism. It started with a tweet that read, "BREAKING: The First Trump Rally in the return to the campaign trail will be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma."

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Many were skeptical and slammed Trump for putting their health at stake. "More rallies means more deaths, dude. #TheyLieYouDie," one posted and another wrote, "Interesting that he picked states that all have between 11-13% of the population with diabetes, putting them at high risk for COVID. But that's all just a hoax, so I'm sure everyone will be fine - just like the 110,000+ who've already died from Trump's ineptitude."

Highlighting the deep-rooted systemic racism in the city, one went on to say, "It's like a Klan rally but they left the sheets on the bed," and another wrote, "Almost 100 years since the Tulsa Race Massacre burned down Black Wall Street. Fitting." One Twitter user already had a plan in mind for the day. "Very easy way to combat this wickedness. We going to flood Twitter timeline that day with Black history including with info Tulsa massacre and Juneteenth celebration. His rally will not be televised. We going to red, black and green Twitter to death that day," the tweet read. 

One said, "Of note: The rally will take place on Juneteenth, which celebrates the end of slavery and in Tulsa, where a once-thriving African American community (Black Wall Street) was destroyed in 1921, when a racist white mob killed hundreds of black residents," and another said, "Trump's first rally in months will be held on...Juneteenth. In Tulsa. Home of the single worst incident of racial violence in our country's history."

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One went on to say: Trump’s decision to hold his rally in Tulsa obviously is him saying “I am racist and proud of it.” He actually thinks racism will win him the election. He honestly believes that all white people think like he does. Let’s make sure we prove him wrong." Another posted, "If you don’t think this is a message to all of his racist followers you might want to #checkyourprivilege and educate yourself on both the Tulsa Massacre and Juneteenth. If you don’t, congratulations! You’re a f**king piece of s**t racist." 

A video shed light on the incident with a tweet saying, "Donald Trump is set to visit Tulsa, OK on June 19th for what is likely to be a massive racist hatefest. If you need a refresher on how racist the symbolism of doing this on #Juneteenth in Tulsa is - watch this from Elizabeth Warren. cc @JoeBiden."

Many were extremely furious. "This FOOL is kicking off his racist ass campaign ON JUNETEENTH, IN TULSA OKLAHOMA, HOME OF THE TULSA RACE MASSACRE. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. SHUT THAT S**T DOWN," one tweet read and another said, "Trump's racist ass is doing that Tulsa rally on Juneteenth on purpose. My anger towards this man knows no bounds."

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