Trump scraps payroll taxes that fund social security, Internet calls it 'another scam for gullible Americans'

The president signed an executive order for a tax holiday and also announced he is planning a term-limited suspension of the tax

                            Trump scraps payroll taxes that fund social security, Internet calls it 'another scam for gullible Americans'
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President Donald Trump on Saturday (August 8) asserted his executive power by signing four orders. These include authorizing $400 in enhanced unemployment benefits, 25% of which the state is asked to cover, payroll tax holiday for Americans earning less than $100,000 a year, another executive order that will provide assistance to renters and homeowners, and lastly, a memorandum to defer student loan payments, as reported by Boston Local. 

During a press conference, Trump also stated that if he is re-elected, he would forgive the taxes and would be making permanent cuts to the payroll taxes. "Very importantly, I'm also looking at a term-limited suspension of the payroll tax," he said, as reported by CNN. "Something that has great support from many, many sides, especially our top economists."

While Trump thought that it would be a step towards greatness, several politicians came forward to remind him how his actions could have a lasting impact. Elizabeth Warren was among the first ones to come forward and speak on this.

"If Donald Trump cared about helping Americans, he would have demanded @SenateMajLdr McConnell start negotiating as soon as the House passed the HEROES act almost two months ago. These legally dubious actions aren’t real relief for states and families – they’re a cruel joke," she said.


"I’ve led the fight in the Senate for years to protect & expand Social Security. I promise you, Mr. President: if you want to gut Social Security and break our promises to seniors, veterans, & Americans with disabilities, you’re going to lose that fight." She continued


"Cutting unemployment benefits by $200 & sticking cash-strapped states that desperately need relief with the tab will hurt families, limit our economic recovery, & cost us 1.7 million jobs. Congress must fully extend the $600 checks right now," she said.


Several other Americans came forward to express their thoughts as they accused Trump of running a scam. "The Dems refused to agree to another payout to rich corporations. trump signed worthless orders that give people 1/2 of the benefit (where does the $300 come from?), and damage social security. MAGATs might be ignorant but most Americans know it is a GOP scam," wrote one user.


Another wrote, "That's what I thought. So put what you can away because we're going to owe it anyway. Another Trump scam while he destroys the social security and Medicare."



Some tried to explain how Trump's latest measure was a scam as the comment read, "When Trump says he wants to suspend 'payroll tax', he's talking about the 7.65% withheld for your Social 'Security' and Medicare. Here's the scam: it would suspend the 7.65% your employer matches. See? You will NOT get that, nor will your wage or salary increase by 7.65%."


Another added, "Trump's executive order is like one of those scam emails offering millions of dollars in exchange for some routing numbers and your Social Security number. Most of us see right through it, but he's counting on there being enough gullible people in America to keep the scam going."


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