Trump fired pregnant woman, banned Black people from tower lobby and joked about 'ovens' to Jews, new book claims

Barbara Res, who worked for Trump for nearly 20 years, calls out the president's repetitive sexist and racist behavior through various stories in her tell-all book 'Tower of Lies'

                            Trump fired pregnant woman, banned Black people from tower lobby and joked about 'ovens' to Jews, new book claims
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This year, President Donald Trump has faced a number of hostile publications. From revelations on professional and personal fronts, the poll-bound president has witnessed attacks pouring in from various people – former aide in the administration to relatives to journalists – and now, one of his long-term executives has come up with sensational claims in yet another book.

Barbara Res, who worked for the businessman-turned-politician for 18 years, has claimed in her book ‘Tower of Lies’ which is due to be released on October 20, that the president had once fired a woman after she fell pregnant and banned Black people from the lobbies of his buildings. He even joked to Jewish businessmen about “the ovens”, it was claimed in the book.

Trump was furious to see Black people in Trump Tower complex

According to Res, Trump once got furious after seeing a Black construction worker building the New York City complex of the Trump Tower and said he did not want “people to think Trump Tower is being built by Black people”. She also claimed that there were several sexist episodes where Trump displayed “contempt” for women. In one case, he did not allow his secretary to attend important meetings because he did not like her looks while in another, he publicly belittled his former wife Ivana. 

President Donald Trump with his first wife Ivana (Getty Images)

According to the Los Angeles Times which has obtained a copy of the bombshell book ahead of its release, the publication “adds to a growing shelf of election-year treaties flaying the president”. The daily also cited Res saying in her account that “bigotry and bias control Donald’s view of the world, even the so-called positive stereotypes, which are just as damaging, like saying the Japanese (whom he seems to despise) are smarter than Americans.” Also revealing Trump’s ill-feeling towards people of color, she said the president was not happy with her after she brought a young Black job aspirant into the lobby of another building. “Barbara, I don’t want Black kids sitting in the lobby where people come to buy million-dollar apartments!” he allegedly told her. 

Trump’s anti-Semitic joke was also evident when, according to Res, the former roped in a German residential manager, thinking his heritage made him “especially clean and orderly” and then joked in front of Jewish executives: “This guy still reminisces about the ovens, so you guys better watch out for him.”

Trump campaign calls Res 'disgruntled former employee'

Res’s revelations just ahead of the presidential election could put the Trump campaign in a spot of discomfort. The veteran worked for Trump since 1980 – serving as the vice president, senior vice president and executive vice president of the Trump Organization. The president has often cited his hiring of Res as evidence that he has championed women. However, following her revelations, the Trump campaign dismissed Res as a “disgruntled former employee” as the White House did with another former aide to the administration who criticized the president over his response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Trump Tower, New York (Getty Images)

Before Res, Trump’s former attorney Michel Cohen; former national security adviser John Bolton; niece Mary Trump and veteran journalist Bob Woodward targeted the president over various issues.

The alleged racism surfaced just weeks before the presidential election when the embattled president had been trying to establish a pro-Black image by claiming that he has done more for the Black people than any other president in history (with the probable exception of Abraham Lincoln). Citywide protests in the wake of the brutal killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis have found Trump under more challenge as he has blasted the anti-racism protests to have been orchestrated by the radical Left.