Trump's all-caps endorsement note to Drew McKissick gets torn apart, Internet says it looks like 'he's yelling'

Trump's all-caps endorsement note to Drew McKissick gets torn apart, Internet says it looks like 'he's yelling'
Former President Donald Trump's endoresement to Drew McKissick gets trolled on social media (Twitter/Getty Images)

Mocking former President Donald Trump isn't something new for social media user. The opportunity presented itself when NBC news political reporter Henry J Gomez tweeted a picture of Trump's handwritten endorsement to Drew McKissick, the Republican activist and consultant. The note was written in upper case completely.

"What does a Trump endorsement look like, literally, now that he’s off Twitter? The South Carolina GOP shares this handwritten note to state party chair @DrewMcKissick, who is seeking another term:" the tweet read with an image of the note that was written.



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Twitter had quite the reaction when users saw the image. "I dont get how he just writes in all caps. I read it like he's yelling," read one of the tweets. Analysis poured in: "Wide lettering like that can indicate warm personality, but in combo with the other stuff (no upper reach or lower reach to the letters, verticality), it means an overbearing, pushy, arrogant persona."

The trolls weren't far away. "I wonder if he can't hold a regular pen, or he thinks it looks more masculine to write in 'bold' or something. Just another strange Trump thing."

McKissick wasn't spared of some slander either. "So, is McSuckit going to hold this up and point to it while giving speeches, will he show it to get into CPAC for free, is it like a punch card for every time he makes a racist/xenophobic/misogynistic comment?" read one of the tweets.

"He asked if I had anybody running against me, and I said, 'No, and I'm trying to keep it that way'," McKissick told The Associated Press on Monday, February 22, talking about his call with Trump more than a week ago. "He said, 'Yeah, that's the best way to do it'."

He also added that Trump's imprint on the Republican Party remains "tremendous" and expected him to play a major role in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections. "He definitely has a tremendous leadership position in our party, just by virtue of how the people who have come into our party under his leadership, came into our party," McKissick told the site.

Drew McKissick said Trump's imprint on the Republican Party remains "tremendous" (Twitter)









Some felt this was just one of Trump's efforts to stay in the public eye. "Desperately trying to keep himself relevant. Twitter banning him was the best thing for democracy ever. Republicans haven't grasped that yet - and maybe never will - but at least the rest of the country has an opportunity to move on," one commented.

"Isnt this the card stock he carries to hand out autographs? Looks like It’s cut to fit in a suit jacket pocket vertically. Is this what he used to hand out at the flooding press conference a few years ago and told one of the recipients to go sell it on Ebay?" one user asked.




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