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Trump poses maskless for pics atop Truman Balcony, Internet calls it similar to 'Evita' scene: 'More like Covita'

In that famous scene from the classic 1996 musical drama, political leader Eva Perón, played by Madonna, addresses an adoring crowd and sings 'Don’t Cry for Me Argentina'
Donald Trump and Eva Perón (Getty Images)
Donald Trump and Eva Perón (Getty Images)

As President Donald Trump was discharged from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday, October 5, he returned to the White House to continue his fight against Covid-19 in order to recover fully. Upon his return and after exiting Marine One, the POTUS removed his face mask before posing for photographs atop the Truman Balcony and in no time, people started comparing the president's act to the famous scene from 'Evita'.

In that famous scene from the classic 1996 musical drama, political leader Eva Perón, played by Madonna, addresses an adoring crowd and sings 'Don’t Cry for Me Argentina'. Drawing the comparison, a user wrote, "He’s been compared to everyone from Andrew Jackson to tin-pot dictators, but all this time Trump has been Evita Peron: a washed-up screen star with a blonde dye job who cozies up to fascists and gets a respiratory illness." Putting up the facts, writer Michiko Kakkutani wrote, "In his 2004 book 'Think like a Billionaire,' Trump said: 'My favorite Broadway show is Evita by Andrew Lloyd Webber, starring Patti LuPone. I saw it six times, mostly with Ivana. Evita is not on Broadway right now, but I’m hopeful that they’ll bring it back.'"



Some users said that it is Trump's "Covita" moment. "G*ddammit Trump! 'This was not an Evita moment, it was more like COVita.' Not ONLY are you doubling down on being a completely unhinged dictatorial madman putting hundreds of thousands of lives at risk, you ALSO just made @Acosta do this on my TV," said one. Another tweeted, "Patti Lupone originated the title role in Evita on Broadway. The musical has a rather famous political balcony scene, and is also, famously, the favorite musical of President Donald Trump."



One wrote, "Evita, Original White House Cast: The truth is COVID never left you All through your wild days Your mad existence You kept no promise We'll keep our distance." While another said, "You know, when Evita had inoperable cancer they didn't tell her. They just propped her up for photo ops and let her go on thinking she'd be fine. That just popped into my head for absolutely no reason at all."



Some social media users expressed their anger. One wrote: "After you get over his flailing attempt at Evita, please remember 200,000 PEOPLE HAVE DIED ON HIS WATCH, HE DOESN'T PAY TAXES, HE DOGWHISTLES TO WHITE SUPREMACISTS, HE LIES AS HE BREATHES & HIS WIFE HATES CHRISTMAS." "Donald is neither Evita nor Madonna playing Evita -- and he's certainly not the fabulously talented @PattiLuPone playing Evita -- he is a community theater production of 'Covita' that closes in rehearsals," read another tweet.