Trump calls America 'a third world country' as he refuses to concede, Internet asks 'who was in charge?'

A user commented, 'Who was in charge for the past 4 years? Was it @joebiden, @AOC, @BernieSanders? I've no idea. Can you help?'

                            Trump calls America 'a third world country' as he refuses to concede, Internet asks  'who was in charge?'
President Donald Trump (Getty Images)

President Donald Trump continued to fuel his baseless claims of the 2020 election being rigged, refusing to concede to President-elect Joe Biden and likening the US to a “third world country" during a press conference on Monday, December 7. 

His comments to the reporters came exactly a month after he found out that he had lost the presidential race to his Democratic opponent. "Well I think the case has already been made if you look at the polls," Trump told reporters at the White House. "It was a rigged election. You look at the different states, the election was totally rigged. It's a disgrace to our country. It's like a third world country. These ballots pouring from everywhere, using machinery that nobody knows ownership, nobody knows anything about."

Trump added: "They have glitches, as they call them, glitches. The glitches weren't glitches, they got caught sending out thousands of votes, all against me by the way. And I think the case has been made and we can find what we can do about it but you will see a lot of big things happening over the next couple of days."

When his comments found their way to social media, Trump received a ton of backlash as most of them reminded him that he had been leading the very nation for the last four years, that he was condemned as a "third world country." "Trump comparing our election to a 'third world country' has to be the end of all irony," one of the tweeted, while another wrote, "Trump doing his best to make us a Third World country. And he still has 40 odd days to get us there." A third wrote, "@realDonaldTrump You act like a despot of a third world country. Dictator wannabe. #DonTheCon #trumpTheLiar"

One more said, "I wonder who was responsible for turning the US into a third world [email protected]" Another commented, "Who was in charge for the past 4 years? Was it @joebiden, @AOC, @BernieSanders? I've no idea. Can you help?" The next remarked, "Hm, so who's president of this 'third world nation', as he calls it? Oh, it's him! Yup, 4 years of Trump will do this to a country..." One more said, "You are staging a coup and your party supports this. If u led a third world country your base would see you are just a totalitarian thug who is trying to steal an election by calling governors etc. and inciting violence. MAGA people: Ask yourselves--what if Dem's did this?"

Another user commented, "The United States is no where near a “third world country” @realDonaldTrump you just are a big loser who will say literally anything if you think it makes you look better." One of them pointed out, "@realDonaldTrump @PressSec @senatemajldr this is not a Third World country the election was not rigged you are a fraud! Mitch McConnell you need to recognize the next President of the United States !stop the foolishness you are despicable" The next remarked, "@realDonaldTrump compares election to one conducted in a third world country. He is almost right... But he's leaving out the fact that he is the perpetrator of the fraud, distorted facts and is seeking to be a malevolent dictator. Where is @senatemajldr?"









Trump's remarks came as he was presenting the Presidential Medal of Freedom to former wrestler Dan Gable in the Oval Office. He touted Gable's career, a former freestyle wrestler and coach who won the Olympic gold medal for his performance in the 1972 Olympic Games and compared it to his own career in politics. "He won 117 consecutive matches and lost only one," Trump said. "Well you know in politics I won two, so I’m 2 and 0, and that’s pretty good too, but we’ll see how that turns out."

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