What are Trump's perks as an ex-president? Classified briefings, secret service protection, yearly pension and more

Trump's annual pension will be about $219,000 each year and the payments will start as soon as he leaves office, Melania's will be around $20,000

                            What are Trump's perks as an ex-president? Classified briefings, secret service protection, yearly pension and more
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Although President Donald Trump is leaving no stones unturned when it comes to challenging the results of the 2020 election, with an increasing number of states certifying the votes in favor of President-elect Joe Biden, it is becoming clear with each passing day that the 45th POTUS is on his way out of the White House. However, he will not be leaving empty-handed as he is set to enjoy all the privileges that are guaranteed to all outgoing leaders of the U.S. by the Former Presidents Act of 1958. 

The act is a federal law that provides several benefits to former presidents who have not been removed from office through impeachment or criminal conviction. Initially, the federal government gave no benefits to former presidents. All that changed after some former presidents like Harry Truman were seen struggling financially after leaving office. Former president Dwight Eisenhower was the first beneficiary. 

Under the act, Trump will be entitled to receive secret service protection for life, an annual pension, classified briefings and more. Here are some of the perks of being an ex-president:

Secret Service protection

Both Donald, as well as Melania Trump, will be entitled to a lifetime of protection from the Secret Service. That is unless the FLOTUS decides to get remarried. Their teenage son, Barron, will also be entitled to have the same protection till he turns 16. The budget of the Secret Service and is not publicly disclosed for security reasons.

Barron Trump, US President Donald Trump and First lady Melania Trump walk on the South Lawn of the White House on August 16, 2020 in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)

Annual pensions

This is also a lifetime privilege that the POTUS and his better half will get to enjoy. The pay is equal to the one the head of an executive government department receives. Trump's annual pension will be approximately $US219,000 each year and the payments will start as soon as he leaves office. Melania will also be entitled to a lifetime annual pension of around $US20,000.

Classified briefings

Despite departing from the White House, Trump will have ongoing access to highly classified briefings on major foreign policy issues. President's Daily Brief is a top-secret summary of US intelligence and world events that every former POTUS is entitled to. The format in which the presidents prefer to receive the briefings depend on their preferences. For example, former President Barack Obama preferred to read his on a secured iPad during his presidency.

Trump, liked to go through a compact version of the briefings, often reduced to short texts and graphics. He was often given a verbal briefing as at times he did not read the written brief. It is important to note that Providing former presidents with daily briefings is mainly a courtesy. If Biden feels national security will be compromised by Trump being provided with the information, he can revoke access.

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at the daily coronavirus briefing at the White House on March 23, 2020 in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)

Allowance for office space and staffing

Being a former real-estate giant, it would be highly unlikely that Trump would be left in need of office spaces and staffing, but nevertheless, under the act, he is entitled to receive fund which is supposed to help him establish, furnish and staff an official office anywhere in the US for seven months following his departure from the White House. 

Presidential Townhouse

Trump will have access to the Presidential Townhouse, a US Government-owned building in Washington D.C., which is reserved for the exclusive use of former presidents during visits to the capital. It is a five-story building that includes two dining spaces, multiple bedrooms, and space for a Secret Service detail in the basement.

Travel expense

Trump will get up to $1 million every year to cover travel for himself and up to two staff members. And his wife is also eligible to receive up to $US500,000 per year for official travel and security.

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