Trump boasts about his 'blowing hair' in the middle of coronavirus press conference: 'It's mine'

The clip of Trump's seemingly out-of-the-place remark was posted by reporter Aaron Rupar on Twitter where it quickly went viral

                            Trump boasts about his 'blowing hair' in the middle of coronavirus press conference: 'It's mine'
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In the middle of talking about the number of new beds added in hospitals for emergency treatment of coronavirus patients amid the ongoing pandemic, President Donald Trump bizarrely switched gears mid-sentence during his daily press conference on Monday and started complimenting his own hair.

As the POTUS was relaying updates on the federal government’s response to the nationwide COVID-19 crisis, the wind on the White House lawn - where the conference was being held - grew stronger. That was when Trump's hair began to get ruffled and he had to drive his fingers through the back of his head to flatten his disheveled mane. 

Pausing mid-sentence from speaking about the emergency services being implemented by the pandemic task force, he remarked with a slight smile: "My hair is blowing around. And it is mine. The one thing you cannot get away with. If it's not yours you got a problem if you are president"

The clip of Trump's seemingly out-of-the-place remark was posted by reporter Aaron Rupar on Twitter where it quickly went viral. Needless to say, people flooded the comments section with hilarious remarks.  "It looks like his wig wants to do some social distancing too," one said, while another quipped, "Wow, he can not even focus on anything but his own hair blowing in the wind. Just bonkers."

A third wrote: "With all that's going he talks about his hair?? In the middle of a national pandemic briefing??"

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci (L) speaks as U.S. President Donald Trump listens during the daily coronavirus briefing at the Rose Garden of the White House on March 30, 2020 in Washington, DC. The United States has updated its guidelines to U.S. citizens to maintain current social distancing practices through the end of April after the number of reported coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths doubled to over 2,000 nationwide within two days. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

And a fourth said: "Yep, it is his. Bought and paid for. Grown on someone else’s head."

There has been a range of controversies regarding Trump's hair over the years, with an array of media outlets claiming that he either wore a wig or had gotten a hair transplant. Others opined that the president's full head of hair was a myth and only appeared that way because his hair designer expertly covered up a bald patch on his head by a comb-over or the use of hair plugs.

According to a 2018 report by The Guardian, a clip captured when Trump was boarding the Air Force One, showed what appeared to be a bare patch on the back of his head. 

“The film was captured as Trump boarded Air Force One,” the report noted, citing the then-viral video. “As Trump clambers up the stairs to the aircraft he appears to be struck from behind by a forceful gust. The wind cleaves his hair in two, revealing what appears to be a bare scalp.”

NBC's 'The Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon also became embroiled in Trump's hair controversy back in September 2016, after then-Republican presidential nominee made an appearance on his late-night show.

Thinking it'll be funny, he asked Trump on national television if he could "mess up" his hair, which Fallon proceeded to do, proving to critics that it was, in fact, real.

Two years later, after Trump had become the president, Fallon said he regretted his actions from the night for which he revealed that he had faced extreme backlash from his fans. "I did not do it to 'normalize' him or to say I believe in his political beliefs or any of that stuff," Fallon told The Hollywood Reporter at the time. 

He said that the criticism that he faced "just got bigger and out of control. I saw other comedians from other shows making fun of me on Twitter and I go, 'OK, now I'm just gonna get off.' They know the show. I'm just doing five hours a week. I get in at 10 in the morning, I work 'til seven at night and I'm just trying to make a funny show."

Fallon also apologized to anyone whose sentiments may have been hurt. "I'm sorry. I don't want to make anyone angry — I never do and I never will. It's all in the fun of the show. I made a mistake. I'm sorry if I made anyone mad. And, looking back, I would do it differently," he said.

Trump fired back on Twitter after Fallon's remarks about him. "@jimmyfallon is now whimpering to all that he did the famous 'hair show' with me (where he seriously messed up my hair), & that he would have now done it differently because it is said to have 'humanized' me-he is taking heat. He called & said 'monster ratings.' Be a man Jimmy!" he tweeted. 

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