Trump blasts Fox News after Arizona certifies votes in Biden's favor, Internet asks 'who does he have left?'

'Arizona is over. Biden won. Even Fox News has become bored with Trump's 'election fraud' hoax!' a user reacted to Trump's tweet, while another wrote, 'Dude, you lost BIGLY'

                            Trump blasts Fox News after Arizona certifies votes in Biden's favor, Internet asks 'who does he have left?'
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Following the certification of the election 2020 results by Arizona on Monday, November 30, which saw the state's 11 electoral votes go in President-elect Joe Biden's favor, it seemed like President Donald Trump was still not over the fact that Fox News, once his loyal mouthpiece, had become the first news outlet to call the state against him on election day. 

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs certified the election results Monday morning, witnessed by the state's Gov. Doug Ducey and Attorney General Mark Brnovich, along with Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Brutinel. Hobbs added that the elections process was the most secure in recent history, "despite unfounded claims to the contrary." Biden beat Trump by 10,457 votes, the secretary of state's office said.

As soon as news of the certification broke, the POTUS took to Twitter and posted, "[email protected] WOW, total election corruption in Arizona. Hearing on now! Why isn’t @FoxNews covering the Arizona hearings?" alluding to his campaign's so-far unsuccessful attempts to block or delay certification in key states in hopes of overturning Biden's victory through the Electoral College. OANN is the One America News Network that seems to be the new favorite news outlet for conservatives like Trump. 

Soon Trump's tweet was filled with reactions. While most of them disagreed with him, some of them fell into a similar tune of bashing fox News. Florida psychologist Jeffrey Guterman wrote: "Most of Trump's supporters know damn well that Biden won. They are lying to create a false narrative during Biden's term. Meanwhile, some of them are donating to Trump's legal expenses and PAC. Suckers." Former Republican Nominee for theSenate, Lauren Witzke, said, "Fox News is going under, and with good reason. That’s what happens when you cave to mob and turn on your loyal supporters!"

"If Trump's lost Fox 'News'—which is basically an extension of the GOP—then who does he have left? His loving wi- Uh... nevermind..." one said, while the next quipped, "Even Fox News has their limit. Something I never thought I'd say." Someone else tweeted, "Arizona is over. Biden won. Even Fox News has become bored with Trump's 'election fraud' hoax!" 

One more reacted with, "Dude, you lost BIGLY. Facts don't care about your feelings. Get it through your thick skull." Another remarked, "Because Fox is crazier than rabbit raccoons on meth. But even crazy raccoons on meth are not crazy enough to bite on this level of crazy." And one person wrote, "Cause FoxNews knows Biden won Arizona and you didn't. They knew it on election night, and you are still delusional."









We previously reported that Trump truly believed that he would emerge as the winner on election night, in a repeat of what had happened in 2016. However, when Fox News, a network that had been loyal to Trump throughout his presidency, called Arizona for President-elect Joe Biden, it hampered Trump's path to victory and the 270 electoral voted that he required to win the re-election. 

Early on election night, what gave Trump confidence was the early lead he took in the swing state of Florida. But once Arizona was called for Biden, Trump "was yelling at everyone", said a senior official, according to The Post. He added, "He was like, 'What the hell? We were supposed to be winning Arizona. What's going on?' He told Jared to call [News Corp. Executive Chairman Rupert] Murdoch." His attempts at convincing Fox to retract their projection was unsuccessful. 

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