Donald Trump and Richard Nixon: 10 comparisons the Internet made to show POTUS is '10X worse'

Trump made clear to his aides that even the mention of President Richard Nixon, the last president to resign, was banned

                            Donald Trump and Richard Nixon: 10 comparisons the Internet made to show POTUS is '10X worse'
Richard Nixon and Donald Trump (Getty Images)

It is quite a tense atmosphere inside the White House, as President Donald Trump gears up to spend his last few days of presidency, amid the blow of his historical second impeachment. A report published by CNN reveals insider news that Trump is spending most of his time buried in worries of legal and financial repercussions he might face once his presidency ends. 

As he considers getting a Presidential pardon for himself, he continues to be alienated by his aides and fellow Republicans and now according to CNN, he has made clear to aides in separate conversations that mere mention of President Richard Nixon, the last president to resign, was banned.

What did Trump say?

Richard Nixon, who was the last US President in history to resign from office, is still criticized by Americans for his outrageous policies. In the past few weeks, especially since Trump’s speech incited the violent Capitol attack, Trump has drawn endless comparisons with the former president. 

Recently, talks were also rife about whether Trump deserves a Presidential pardon just like Nixon was pardoned by his successor Ford. A casual conversation between Trump and his officials about the possibility of his resignation, just like Nixon, reportedly irked Trump. It led to an expletive-laden outburst towards an adviser. Ultimately, Trump barred everyone in his office to utter the name of Nixon again. 

What Twitter had to say

As this news went viral, the Internet decided to bring out their best comparisons between President Trump and Nixon. Director James Gunn, a vociferous critic of POTUS remarked that "Trump is living in a dreamworld where he thinks a comparison to Nixon is a negative thing for him. Nixon was a crook, but he wasn't an idiot, didn't pretend to be a billionaire, wasn't siphoning money for own personal gain, & he actually showed up to work sometimes." Journalist Brian J Karem commented, "I have no problem asking Trump about Richard Nixon. I just don't think I'll get the opportunity. Say what you will about Nixon - He never actually got impeached. Trump managed to pull that off twice."

Political commentator John Fugelsang kept it simple. "Trump is like a less attractive less healthy less honest less productive less moral less popular Nixon"

Nixon's resigning before impeachment is being cited again and again. One user tweeted, "Richard Nixon will no longer be regarded as the worst & most crooked President in History!! That honor now clearly goes to #DonaldTrump!! Plus, Nixon listened to decent Republicans like Barry Goldwater and resigned before he was formally Impeached!!"

"Apparently trump doesn't like being compared to Nixon. Well sir, eat shit. You're 10x worse than Nixon ever was, and you will go down in American history as a festering boil upon our nation. I wish you the absolute worst in life donnie, and I hope you rot in prison you traitor." said a fuming Internet user.













Another said: "Nixon had enough shame to resign. The comparison to Trump should be is Trump 10x worse or 100x worse or... " Another user reminded that Nixon proposed basic income guarantee for families while Trump did nothing of sorts. "Nixon proposed a basic income guarantee for families that passed the House twice. Trump has never said anything about a basic income guarantee, instead separated families, and got impeached twice.
That's a few key differences between the two of them." 






Journalist Jake Tapper joined in. "To be fair the comparisons aren’t quite accurate: 1) Nixon was never actually impeached; Trump was impeached twice 2) Nixon was re-elected 3) Nixon’s mood swings were at least partly because he was drinking I’m sorry I meant to be fair to Nixon". Lawyer Jill Wine-Banks tweeted, "Biden shld not pardon Trump: 1. he has suffered no consequences for years of wrongdoing all his life except financial 2. he is not remorseful 3. his crimes are more pervasive & dangerous than Nixon's Unless he pleads guilty to Senate, is barred forever from public office again.."





Though everyone is considering Trump as worse, one user posted a 'reminder' that Nixon was responsible for murdering many people. "Richard nixon murdered a lot of people and absolutely none of you need to praise him 'in comparison to Trump' thanks" 


These remarks were made by the Internet and individual organizations, MEAWW does not support these claims being made on the Internet.