Will Donald Trump attend Joe Biden's inauguration? POTUS says he'll leave WH when Electoral College confirms winner

Trump stated it was going to be a very hard thing to concede because 'there was massive fraud' and if the results are declared in favor of Biden then 'they've made a mistake'

                            Will Donald Trump attend Joe Biden's inauguration? POTUS says he'll leave WH when Electoral College confirms winner
Donald Trump and Joe Biden (Getty Images)

President Donald Trump, who has for so long refused to concede to the results of the November 3 elections after his loss and resisted a smooth transfer of power until now has said that if the electoral college confirms President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, he would give up power and leave the White House. However, he insists “they’ve made a mistake."

Trump made his remarks at the Thanksgiving Day address at the White House on Thursday, November 26, where he was taking questions from reporters. However, Trump did not mention anything about if he would attend Biden’s inauguration ceremony which is due to take place in January 2021. “It's going to be a very hard thing to concede because we know there was massive fraud,” Trump added. 

In clear terms, he mentioned he would be leaving the White House if Biden comes to power. “Certainly I will. And you know that,” Trump told the reporters. The president, who for the first time took questions from media after the elections of November 3, spoke defensively. “I'm the president of the United States. Don't ever talk to the president that way,” he once said to a reporter. In the 25-minute media interaction, Trump didn't fully concede his loss and pressed that his legal arguments would go ahead. He mentioned that he has time until the inauguration but admitted it was ticking fast. 
Trump once more brought up his yet to be proven claims about voting machines changing votes for him and giving the mandate in favor of Biden. He ranted that the election was “rigged” and alleged Biden only got his whopping 80 million votes through “massive fraud.” Trump said on vote tallies without serving any proof, “You have to really take a look at what's going on. They're finding tremendous discrepancies in the votes, and nobody believes those numbers those numbers are incorrect numbers.”

“I thought I was going to win it, and essentially I did win it. It's very very close, it's very very close,” he said on his election loss.

When the sitting POTUS was asked if he'd go to Biden's inauguration, Trump replied: “I don't want to say that yet. I mean I know the answer, I'll be honest, I know the answer, but I just don't want to say it yet.” He also warned it would be a mistake for the Electoral College to elect Biden. “If they do they made a mistake,” the president said.
Now as Trump has hinted at a smooth transfer of power to the President-elect Joe Biden, social media came alive with their reactions to his declaration. Many want Trump to leave now and not a moment sooner. A user wrote hoping, “I hope he does leave early! Every day without that POTUS is good for our country, AND I’ll win my bet that I placed that #DipSh**Donald Trump wouldn’t finish his first term.” Another argued,"He’s not “giving up” anything. He LOSES power when President-Elect Biden raises his hand and takes the oath at 1200 on 20JAN2021." A user wrote that POTUS is afraid, “Why is Trump hunkered down in the White House and afraid to leave?”

A user urged powerful institutions to probe Trump, “Banks, Financial Institutions, Corporations, it’s time for you to assert your great power and influence over this narcissistic tyrant Trump that is taking steps towards a coup! You can stop this now! Demand he leave or foreclose on all his loans and dry up all operating capital!” Another slammed Trump for whining and wrote, “44 Presidents before him managed to deal with it But Trump’s frail ego can’t handle being at the inauguration? Give me a break. That’s a child not a man speaking."












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