Is Donald Trump the Antichrist? The Internet thinks so after he holds Bible upside down in front of a church

Trump's photo op was termed as 'disgusting and a disgrace' and netizens said that he has no 'respect for our nation, its laws, its people or even his religion'

                            Is Donald Trump the Antichrist? The Internet thinks so after he holds Bible upside down in front of a church
Donald Trump holding the Bible upside down (NBC News)

While the whole country is protesting the death of George Floyd and talking about the 'Black Lives Matter' movement, President Donald Trump was cooped in the secret bunker at the White House. After receiving a lot of backlash for going into hiding at a critical juncture, when the country needed its leader the most, Trump has decided to make a bold statement. In response to all the backlash he received, Trump decided to take the matter in his own hands and revamp his image. What better way to make yourself appear more relatable and reliable than resorting to praying? 

Trump decided to walk down to the St John's Episcopal Church from the White House through Lafayette Park on Monday, June 1. Unfortunately for Trump, none of his plans to revamp his image worked out from the get-go. For starters, the protesters who were peacefully protesting near the park and the Church were ruthlessly tear-gassed and shot rubber bullets at the protesters, to make way for the President to walk through the streets. When he reached the Church, he decided to have a small photo-op, and his accessory of choice was none other than the Bible. He held a Bible close to him, as he posed for the cameras. When a journalist asked him if he was holding a Bible, he responded affirmatively. While Trump continued posing for the cameras unfazed and gave his customary speech about how the US would rise from the current events stronger than ever, people were staring at him with horror as he held the Bible upside down.

When the news channels and internet began showing clips and images of the President holding the religious text upside down, the internet went ballistic against the President. Author John G Hertzler wrote, "The Bible was upside down....if @realDonaldTrump could even read, he might have noticed. @mariannebudde, the Bishop of the church called Mr. Trump’s photo op stunt DISGUSTING & a DISGRACE! #BunkerBoy #TrumpBaby #TrumpIncitesViolence." Another angry Twitter user commented, "He's holding the bible upside down! No respect for our nation, it's laws, it's people or even his religion. Our dictator in chief took his photo op with an upside down bible. Is that like an inverted cross symbolism?"

Several people began wondering if Trump holding the Bible was "the Antichrist". A user tweeted, "Wait, he was holding the Bible upside down? You don't think. It couldn't be... Is @realDonaldTrump the Anti Christ? That would explain why he didn't go inside the church." Another user wondered, "Trump in front of a church with an upside down and backwards bible? Is he secretly... the anti-Christ??!" "If an upside down Bible means the same thing as an upside down Crucifix... and Trump is holding his upside down Bible in front of a half burned church.... a poster child for the Anti Christ," pointed out a user. 

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