Donald Trump allies ask GOP supporters to stay away from crucial Georgia Senate runoffs next month

The president, however, is set to host a rally for GOP Senate candidates from the state, Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, on Saturday

                            Donald Trump allies ask GOP supporters to stay away from crucial Georgia Senate runoffs next month
Donald Trump, Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue (Getty Images)

Amid the legal tussle over the results of the 2020 presidential election which President Donald Trump claims he hasn’t lost, eyes are glued to the crucial Senate runoffs due on January 5. Both major parties are looking to win the two seats to increase their weight in the chamber. The Republicans now have 50 seats while the Democrats have 46. The two seats are held by Independents who caucus with the blue party. 

The Democrats are particularly eager to bag the Senate for that would make it easier for the Joe Biden administration to push through its agenda. And going by the situation that is prevalent in the Republican camp, the Dems will not feel too disheartened. Allies of Trump who are backing his efforts to challenge the November 3 election have appealed to GOP supporters to stay away from the Senate runoff polls, arguing that the president’s supporters should not take part in another “rigged election”. 

According to a report in USA TODAY, attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell have asked Trump loyalists not to vote for either of the two incumbent GOP senators in Georgia -- Kelly Loeffler or David Perdue -- during a “Stop the Steal” gathering in Alpharetta, located north of Atlanta. 

The event, which was termed a press conference, saw unfounded claims about the election that went in favor of Joe Biden. The two GOP incumbents in Georgia also found mentions of their names at the event, though in a negative tone. Wood, who sued Georgia seeking to stop the presidential election’s clarification but in vain, asked: “Where is Kelly Loeffler here? Where is David Perdue?” Wood added: “He ought to be standing right here.”

Lin Wood (Getty Images)

"Do not be fooled twice. This is Georgia. We ain't dumb. We're not going to vote on Jan. 5 on another machine made by China. You're not going to fool Georgians again. If Kelly Loeffler wants your vote, if David Perdue wants your vote, they've got to earn it,” Lin, who attacked the two Republican Senate candidates on similar lines last month as well, said. 

Election officials in Georgia, a key state, have faced ire of Trump and his supporters after an initial state-ordered recount affirmed Biden’s win in the Peach State by just more than 12,000 votes. The former vice president became the first Democrat to win the state since 1992. Trump’s campaign requested for a second recount, which was also expected to go Biden’s way

Trump also spoke out on the Georgia election saying late Thursday evening that overturning the will of the voters in the 2020 presidential election is the “best way” for the GOP to win both the runoff polls in Georgia. “The best way to insure a [Kelly Loeffler] and [David Perdue] VICTORY is to allow signature checks in the Presidential race, which will insure a Georgia Presidential win (very few votes are needed, many will be found),” Trump said in a tweet. In another tweet, the president took a dig at Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp, saying: “People in Georgia got caught cold bringing in massive numbers of ballots and putting them in “voting” machines. Great job @BrianKempGA!” This tweet was blue-flagged by Twitter which said Trump’s claim about the election fraud was disputed.



The president, however, was set to hold a rally in Valdosta, Georgia, on Saturday, December 5, for both Perdue and Loeffler. The rally will be hosted by the Republican National Committee and not the president’s campaign. Loeffler will be challenged by Democrat Raphael Warnock while Perdue will take on Jon Ossof in the runoffs.

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