Is Lily James a victim of sexism? Dominic West is all smiles as actress forced to cancel events over steamy pics

The two actors were spotted kissing in Rome recently and while James has been slammed for seeing married men, West on the other hand seems to be doing just fine

                            Is Lily James a victim of  sexism? Dominic West is all smiles as actress forced to cancel events over steamy pics
Dominic West and Lily James (Getty Images)

A few weeks back, Lily James grabbed headlines after she was caught up in a PDA session with married actor Dominic West. It was also reported that James got close to co-star Armie Hammer as well during the filming of 'Rebecca', sparking suspicion from his wife Elizabeth Chambers, who allegedly found James' texts on Hammer's phone. As both the controversies came to light within a gap of just days, James got slammed on the internet for having affairs with married men.

Now, according to the latest reports, West is all set to play the character of Prince Charles in 'The Crown: Season 5'. Incidentally, many media outlets reported that James canceled multiple appearances and interviews after the incidents. As soon as both the news came to light, people started reacting to it.

One user responded to the news of West getting the new role and said, "But then Lily James is the one forced to cancel interviews and appearances to promote her work because so called journalists really can't separate the actress from the woman. I would love to tell Lily to go in front of the cameras and tell her truth and bury him with it." While another wrote, "Oh really? He's playing another cheater is he? Meanwhile, his gf Lily James had to cancel all interviews this week. Ain't it a man's world still?"



Another angry user wrote, "Guys.... I know we know this happens, but I just learned of the Dominic West/Lily James stuff, and am so f****d by the results when you google their names. His results are all 'trying to mend their marriage' 'cast as Prince Charles' and hers is 'cancelled appearances'." While another one made speculations about West's role in the TV-series, and said, "Dominic West, who made headlines for kissing Lily James while married, has been cast in #TheCrown to portray Prince Charles during the period he famously had an affair while married to Princess Diana. Yes, you read that right."



Slamming West, another one wrote, "I will NOT watch The Crown if Dominic West is casted. The way Lily James is being shamed by the media when he’s the married one is quite baffling to me."


James and West both starred in an upcoming BBC series when they were spotted enjoying a two-day vacation together in Italy where they shared a hotel suite. They were seen riding on a scooter through Rome and at one point, West appeared to lean over and kiss James's neck.

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