Dominic Fike drops debut 'What Could Possibly Go Wrong' with 'Cancel Me' video, fans call it album of the decade

Fans praised the 'talented' rapper on social media for his raw intensity on the album, saying that they 'haven't been this happy in a while'

                            Dominic Fike drops debut 'What Could Possibly Go Wrong' with 'Cancel Me' video, fans call it album of the decade
Dominic Fike (Getty Images)

Rapper Dominic Fike has just dropped his debut studio album 'What Could Possibly Go Wrong' as of midnight ET on Friday, July 31 via Columbia Records and fans are already raving about it on social media as they are getting pretty emotional while listening to the new tracks. To up the ante for his fans, the 24-year-old singer and songwriter from Naples, Florida, also released a brand-new intimate and breezy music video for the song 'Cancel Me', which features the young artiste chilling on a sandy beach and in a swimming pool with his young sister Apollonia aka Apple. Both Fike and Apollonia shot and directed the video together, with editing honors going to Jack Begert. You can check out the groovy and laidback video here below and listen to the new album by clicking here.


The new video is definitely family-oriented, and Fike reinforces that theme in the lyrics, where he makes a biting social commentary on today's cancel culture and current coronavirus restrictions. The introductory lines go, "I hope they cancel me (Why? Why?) / So I can go be with my family (Why? Why?) / So I can quit wearin' this mask, dawg (Damn) / Tell the people, "Kiss my a**, dawg" (Yeah, yeah)."

He then continues in the same vein, saying he's not really that interested in the trappings of celebrity fame, saying, "I hope they crucify me (Why?) / I hope they put me down, I hope they euthanize me / I hope I never, ever have to go on TV / Mothaf**ka, Jimmy Kimmel does not wanna meet me / I told my manager, 'No more parties in Los Angeles.'" This might be a reference to Fike's debut appearance in 2019 on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'. The singer had performed the song 'Phone Numbers' with Kenny Beats, but clips of the performance were later deleted. 



He also made a reference to the hip-hop collective Brockhampton with the line, "Last night, I fell deeper than Brockhampton down a rabbit hole." The Texan boy band Brockhampton has collaborated with Fike on a number of occasions, and previously championed the singer on their video called, 'This Is Dominic Fike', which has close to two million views on YouTube alone. 

Here's the tracklist for the new 14 track album below:

1. 'Come Here'
2. 'Double Negative (Skeleton Milkshake)'
3. 'Cancel Me'
4. '10x Stronger'
5. 'Good Game'
6. 'Why'
7. 'Chicken Tenders'
8. 'What's for Dinner?'
9. 'Vampire'
10. 'Superstar Shit'
11. 'Politics & Violence'
12. 'Joe Blazey'
13. 'Wurli'
14. 'Florida' 

Fike had previously released the preview singles for his latest album in the past couple of months. The lead single 'Chicken Tenders' dropped on June 26, and the second single 'Politics & Violence' dropped at the start of this month, on July 9. 



Fans were over the moon once Fike dropped his new album, which plenty of admirers praising him for his raw intensity and brilliant flow. One fan exclaimed, "This album was so beautiful, I haven’t been this happy in a while thank you so much." 



One admirer also said it was not just an album of the year contender, but potentially the album of the decade.



Another emotional fan said she was actually moved to tears by his music.



One follower happily noted that the album was trending, and was happy he was finally getting appreciated for his music.



As another fan declared, the album was pretty much perfect.


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