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Dog the Bounty Hunter declares 'I'm alive' after report falsely claims he died of a heart attack

Duane Chapman shared a picture of himself as proof that he is very much alive after a false report claimed he had died of a heart attack.
UPDATED FEB 18, 2020
Dog the Bounty Hunter (Source : Getty Images)
Dog the Bounty Hunter (Source : Getty Images)

Dog the Bounty Hunter aka Duane Chapman is very much alive and made it known to everyone. 

As reported by TMZ, Chapman had shared a 'proof of life' picture after it was falsely reported that he had died. Chapman shared a picture of himself holding a newspaper to prove that the story circulating was indeed fake. In the picture, Chapman, 66, can be seen looking at straight at the camera with his long blonde locks.  

In one hand he is seen holding a current copy of 'The Denver Post' while in the other, he is seen holding a hand-drawn sign that read "I'm Alive!". Chapman shared the picture with TMZ as a response to a flood of RIP posts and messages from fans and followers. The Denver Post had shared, "Dog was on his way to a workout when his phone started blowing up and he first heard about the hoax -- which claimed he'd died because his grief over his late wife, Beth Chapman, caused a flare-up of his recent heart problems". 

After the passing of his beloved wife, Beth Chapman, Chapman had suffered from various health scares but took to social media on Tuesday to share that he was feeling better. His Twitter post thanked everyone for "their kind wishes and prayers" and also announced that he was feeling better and was working out. 

While making an appearance on 'The Dr. Oz' show in September, Chapman had revealed that he had been diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. He also spoke about how his attitude towards death had changed since he received the diagnosis. "I said, after Beth left, I'm not afraid to die... I take that back. I'm not afraid to [die], but I don't want to," he shared. 

A pulmonary embolism can be a life-threatening condition where a blood clot travels to your lungs and blocks the blood flow to them.