"Blackout" tattoo trend deemed harmful by doctors as it increases chances of skin cancer

Blackout tattoos are becoming extremely popular among inking enthusiast but they do not realize the problem it may cause in the future.

                            "Blackout" tattoo trend deemed harmful by doctors as it increases chances of skin cancer
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Lately there has been a flood of people visisting tattoo artists to get themselves inked with the latest trend: "Blackout tattoos."

It involves getting a huge block of ink, as a tattoo in itself or as a background for another tattoo they want to get done. It is no secret that getting a tattoo can be painful at times and there is no doubt that this might be a bit more to handle than getting a design inked on yourself.

However, that is not the only worry when getting this done, as doctors believe this trend is having a harmful effect on people's health. Doctors have given numerous reasons as to why one must avoid this trend. Some people use it to cover their mole which does not do any good as doctors use the help of moles in order to detect skin cancer. 

As reported by Daily Star, if someone has their mole covered with blocks of inks, it becomes difficult for doctors to identify any changes that may be occurring in the body. Skin cancer surgeon Mike Shenouda told the website,  “If the tattoo is dark it can be very hard to identify a mole.” Medics also revealed that some inks can break down in the sun, creating cancer-causing compounds. This becomes a cause of concern if one has a large tattoo. 

Woman’s health expert Jennifer Wilder added, “The more carcinogens circulating in the body, seeping into the lymph system – it would be realistic to assume, the more risk of cancer.” However, these warnings have not stopped people from getting these tattoos as several people have taken to their social media to show off their tattoos. 

This year, 'Geordie Shore' star Aaron Chalmers showed off his blackout sleeve and many were inspired to get a similar tattoo. Several artists believe that this craze is just going to getting bigger. "This trend is more for those who are hardcore tattoo enthusiasts," a spokesperson for Custom Tattoo Design told the website. "Some black out their arm to cover old tattoos and tattoo over the black with white ink to create a design. The end product can look pretty phenomenal but can also be a painful process."

Meanwhile, there are some who use this trend to cover up scars or failed tatts. One Instagrammer revealed that she decided to get this tattoo in order to cover a dog bite. "Final part of my blackout finished & I absolutely adore it," she wrote. "I now don’t regret getting bad tattoos in the past or feel so angry about being bitten by that awful dog. If these events hadn’t happened I wouldn’t have this incredible art on my skin."

However, this is not the only trend that has influenced people. Other trends such as illusion inkings around their navels. This trend had people showcasing their creativity by using the naval as an animal mouth or some other illustration of their choice. At the same time, nose tattoos, stick and poke inkings, and other trends have also taken over people in the past.