'Doctor Who' fans stunned by premiere's big reveal and are excited about where it will lead

'Doctor Who' fans stunned by premiere's big reveal and are excited about where it will lead
Sacha Dhawan as Agent 'O' (BBC America)

Spoiler alert for the season premiere of 'Doctor Who'.

The Doctor's (Jodie Whitaker) return to adventure has been a year in the making, but she is finally back — and she's not the only one.

Agent 'O' (Sacha Dhawan) was introduced this episode as a reclusive agent with an eye for the paranormal. He would have been the perfect companion material if the Doctor didn't already have three, but the end of the episode revealed that his role in the scheme of things is much bigger.

The Master has, somehow, returned, and he's been impersonating Agent 'O' for just long enough to put the Doctor and her companions in a tight spot. With the Doctor trapped in a strange, unexplained realm, and her companions trapped on a falling plane, fans are left on the edge of their seats until the next episode of 'Doctor Who' is released. 

Fans are still in shock after the episode's reveal. "It's been a very long time since a Doctor Who plot twist got me like that just did. I am still in shock, I can't quite comprehend what just happened. That was EASILY my favourite episode by Chibnall so far. What a brilliant debut for the season!" said one fan account on Twitter, that also added a comment on Sacha Dhawan as the new Master. "Can I just say... I already love him. Great casting." 


Another fan account wrote, "Just watched back the reveal again and the look on 13's face was awesome, genuine fear of The Master, the potential with these 2 is massive and it can only benefit the development of the 13th Doctors character, we hope."

Fans are delighted to see Jodie Whitaker's Doctor once again, and can't wait for the season to explore her antagonistic relationship with the Master some more.

One fan writes, "Wow, I still can’t quite believe that ending! From the short time we’ve seen Sacha Dhawan I can already say that I’m absolutely in love with his potrayal and performance as *** ******!" (censoring the words 'The Master' to avoid spoilers), and adding, "In fact, the performances were brilliant all round, particularly Whittaker!" 

The next episode of 'Doctor Who' airs on January 5 on BBC America.


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