Newborn dies after seven-month-pregnant mother is drugged, put in labor for four days on doctor boyfriend's directions

Newborn dies after seven-month-pregnant mother is drugged, put in labor for four days on doctor boyfriend's directions
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A married, Harvard-trained cardiologist has been accused of conspiring to forcefully induce his pregnant mistress into labor and then having the newborn killed because she had gotten pregnant by another man.  

According to the New York Post, Malaysian-born Dr. Vignendra Ariyarajah has been indicted on criminally negligent homicide, manslaughter, assault, and several other charges for enlisting a female cohort and another helper to trap 30-year-old mistress Paul Marie Raymond, torture her, forcefully induce her into labor, and then kill the child in December 2016.

A law enforcement official said Ariyarajah's affair with Raymond began when the latter worked for him at MedCare Consultant Multi-Specialty Clinic, and that the doctor supported her but was also very controlling. She eventually left him for another man and got pregnant, prompting Ariyarajah to fly into a jealous rage and conspire to have the child killed.


The incident, which has been described as "very disturbing," reportedly took place in December 2016 at a Ditmas Park, Brooklyn home, after Ariyarajah's two helpers managed to trap a then seven-and-a-half-months pregnant Raymond inside the residence.

Ariyarajah, who at the time was on vacation in Montana with his wife, is said to have been in constant touch with the two helpers and given them instructions throughout, including directing them to administer highly potent narcotic fentanyl and PCP to Raymond to induce the pregnancy.

He also reportedly instructed them to not give Raymond "any food and only administer juice or water through a syringe," states a criminal complaint. On December 23 that year, the 30-year-old managed to escape but was caught and brought back to the home.

The next day, one of the helpers realized that Raymond was in bad shape and called 911 for help, but canceled it soon after because of Ariyarajah. However, the EMTs still showed up at the house to find "a newborn baby boy lying on the bed with the umbilical cord still attached." Raymond was found to have suffered chemical burns to her face, ligature marks to her arms and leg, and torn-off fingernails.


While she recovered, the infant died a few hours later of an infection caused by prolonged labor — Raymond is believed to have labored for four days — and a lack of medical attention during birth. An autopsy report stated that the infant tested positive for both fentanyl and PCP.

The New York Post reported Ariyajah was indicted on the charges last month after one of his helpers turned on him and began cooperating with law enforcement. But after Ariyarajah's indictment, he was released on a bond of $750,000.

His lawyer, Matt Myers, told reporters his client never had a romantic relationship with Raymond and is innocent of his charges. "The case was taken to a grand jury in a slightly rushed fashion," he said. "The doctor is an outstanding physician."


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