Coronavirus: Wuhan doctor who worked with late whistleblower also dies while fighting outbreak

Coronavirus: Wuhan doctor who worked with late whistleblower also dies while fighting outbreak
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A Wuhan doctor who worked alongside heroic coronavirus whistle-blower Dr. Li Wenliang has reportedly succumbed to the disease after contracting it while saving other patients' lives.

Wuhan's Jinyintan Hospital announced the death of 57-year-old Dr. Mei Zhongming at noon local time on March 3 after "all-out rescue efforts failed".

Zhongming was working in the same department as Dr. Wenliang, who was allegedly disciplined for sounding the alarm over the coronavirus before it spread. He died last month after being infected by the deadly virus.

Dr. Zhongming, who specialized in treating eye diseases, graduated in 1986 before working in the department of ophthalmology at Wuhan Central Hospital.

"He was serious and responsible for his work, acted patiently and carefully with his patients and made important contributions to the construction and development of his discipline," the hospital noted in a statement published through its official Weibo account. 

"We express sincere condolences to the passing of comrade Mei Zhongming of our hospital and extend deep sympathy to his family," it added.

However, the hospital did not reveal when the doctor was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

34-year-old Dr. Wenliang, who worked alongside Dr. Zhongming, died on February 7 after having contracted the coronavirus from his patients. He grabbed international headlines after being apprehended by Chinese authorities and accused of spreading 'fake news' after he warned on social media of 'SARS at a Wuhan seafood market' on December 30.

This came two weeks before the life-threatening virus broke out in the city, leading to a complete lockdown on January 23.

Dr. Wenliang's death was reported by Chinese state newspaper Global Times on February 6. However, they deleted the post soon after. It was then claimed that doctors at Wuhan Central Hospital were still trying to revive him.

However, the official announcement of his death came the next day.

Subsequent media reports revealed Dr. Wenliang was survived by his pregnant wife, their five-year-old son, and his elderly parents.

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