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'Do you like Brahms?' Episode 9 marks start of sweet romance after that kiss between Joon-young and Song-ah

'Do you like Brahms?' Episode 9 shows how the relationship between Park Joon-young and Chae Song-ah develops after the former confesses to the latter that he really likes her
Kim Min-jae and Park Eun-bin (SBS)
Kim Min-jae and Park Eun-bin (SBS)

After that brilliant kiss in 'Do you like Brahms?' Episode 8 between Park Joon-young (Kim Min-jae) and Chae Song-ah (Park Eun-bin), episode 9 portrays how the two deal with the consequences of dating in the open. After Joon-young announces to Song-ah's classmates, she begins to get a lot of attention from professors, classmates, and other university students too. It doesn't seem as if she understands the meaning of being Professor Lee's student who takes the responsibility of organizing her chamber performance. On the other hand, there is the matter of Song-ah wanting to be a great violinist solely by spending hours playing the violin, practicing, all while not having the conviction which helps instrumental players give fuel to their talent. 

This causes many to misunderstand that she is only with Joon-young because she sees him as a connection, similar to how her professor has been treating her. Even someone who worked with Song-ah at the Kyunghoo Foundation during her internship believes that Song-ah has decided to take part in the chamber music for the benefits. This also has the director of the foundation hesitate about Song-ah, and that makes us wonder if this would result in relationships fraying in the future. However, if Song-ah and Joon-young continue to communicate as they have done so far, things might not turn chaotic. 

A still of Park Joon-young and Chae Song-ah in 'Do you like Brahms?' (SBS)

In the meantime, when Joon-young meets Jung-kyung to get the music sheet for their upcoming performance, Jung-kyung's ex and Joong-young's best friend sees the two together. It is just moments ago that Hyeon-ho had learned that his friend who his ex had fallen for has begun dating. So seeing the two of them together, he wonders if Jung-kyung knows about Song-ah and when Joon-young tells his friend that he had already informed Jung-kyung, his best friend is raving mad that his ex is hurt. While the argument doesn't make sense logically, it does show how much Hyeon-ho loved Jung-kyung. However, the moment she tries to confront him, all of that disappears and what is left is just anger. 

On the other hand, after Dong-yoon had confessed that he liked Song-ah romantically to her, the two hadn't met and coincidentally when the two do meet, they end up addressing his confession and Song-ah tells him that she really loves Joon-young. He asks her if this is really her response to his confession and she responds that it is true that she had liked him truly and for a very long time, however, that is not the case in the present. Before she could complete her thought, however, Min-seong drops something in the background and only then does Song-ah realize that she is not alone. She also sees Joon-young with Min-seong, however, the fact that she had already confessed what she had just told Dong-yoon to Joon-young makes this situation less awkward between the two of them. However, what we would have to see really, is if Song-ah can convince Min-seong of not sabotaging her best friend's relationship. 

'Do you like Brahms?' airs on SBS on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 pm KST and can be streamed on Viki Global.