'Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol' Ending Explained: Finale all about Rara and Jun's relationship being bittersweet

'Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol' Ending Explained: Finale all about Rara and Jun's relationship being bittersweet
Lee Jae-wook and Go Ara (KBS2)

The importance of moving on after facing a personal loss is often hit upon, something similar to Rara's (Go Ara) when she hears of Jun's death in 'Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol'. However, by showing us the importance of moving forward and not simply on, 'Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol' has hit the mark. Grief is a very personal experience that sometimes lasts moments, months, or even years. So to watch Rara after five years since the news of Jun's death is not about seeing how she has coped with his absence. It is all about how she has cherished his presence in the past and built a life around it. 

This may sound unhealthy, but is it really? Sometimes even the most mundane moments would remind one of the person that they lost so it is honestly whatever works for an individual. To this how Rara moves through grief is unexpectedly hard. Not because it is harsh, but because it is relatable. One of the things that Ha-young's mother tells Rara and her daughter during the episode is that one must not only concentrate on moving on and trying to forget the ones that they had lost but also remember them during happy times and cherish their memories. So you see, this episode is beyond the surprises that the creators attempt to throw at us. It is complete with moments that feel like a hug on a cold night. Considering the cold weather this fall, this show's finale just ended up being a perfect conclusion. 

Rara also watches everyone around her move forward with their lives. Seungi and Ha-young get married and have a child while having a spat every now and then. Dr. Cha also decides to get remarried to the same person that she was earlier married to and all of this leaves Rara feeling a tad bit incomplete and that is when Rara decides to play the piece that she used to play every time to welcome Jun back home. Surprise, Surprise though! This time he does rush to her side for real. After 5 years since Jun's mother told Rara that Jun will not return, he is back and that's when we realize how no one said that he died. His mother said that he is now unable to come, Man Bok grandpa said that he couldn't manage to return after all and combined with the news of Jun's illness, all of it leads Rara and her friends to the only possible conclusion and that is death. 

These tiny hints that are placed throughout the episode in a way also may lead to the feeling of security in the knowledge that Jun may not after all be dead. However, even if the show had ended with Rara playing that beautiful piece of music, it would have made us extremely happy. So while we can argue about the show pandering to the audiences' expectations, this is what has us letting them off the hook for doing so!

'Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol' will air on KBS2 on Wednesdays and Thursdays in Seoul, South Korea, and can be streamed on Netflix in the US.

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