'Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol' Episode 14: Is Jun leaving Rara to go to US, why was he forced to break up with her?

'Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol' Episode 14 sees Jun tell Rara for real that he wants to break up with her, and we also see him at the airport with his friend from school

                            'Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol' Episode 14: Is Jun leaving Rara to go to US, why was he forced to break up with her?
Go Ara and Lee Jae-wook (KBS2)

At the end of 'Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol' Episode 13, we had seen a girl appear to tell Jun that she had finally found him and also ask him if he didn't miss her? We had speculated that she was a former girlfriend of Jun, however, in episode 14 it is revealed that the young girl who has returned to Korea for just a few days from Stanford used to go to the same school that Jun had gone to with his best friend. She had clearly had a crush on Jun but he had thought that she had had a crush on his friend. Now though, he is told that she had liked him. 

She found him because of the wedding crasher video that had gone viral after he had run away with Rara while an advert for Ha-young and Seung-gi's wedding business was being shot. Now, she believes that he should leave Rara behind and just keep his promise to his best friend and go to Standford. Is this why he wants to break up with Rara? He is hoping to not break her heart by dragging her down with his survivor's guilt is one of the speculations that many believe. However, we think that Jun might be ill. 

For the longest time, Jun had a nosebleed and grandpa Kim Man-bok had also commented on how he must rest and not work too hard. Then after he returned to his home from Eunpo, we saw him have a nosebleed again, and this time he was studying. So, the show might be going the route of a loving man wanting to save his girlfriend from the heartbreak of knowing that he is going to die. 

Further proof of this theory is the epilogue of the episode which features Jun telling Rara that they should break up, he leaves, but he sees her sob from outside. He is also in tears about this but he looks pretty helpless. Then we also see Jun buried under the sheets in his room, but his mother, who usually complains about Jun moping over Rara doesn't disturb him and she also looks pretty upset. So we are also almost certain that Jun is not going to make it alive out of this show and all that Rara will be left with is his memories. 

However, Rara, at the moment has lost a dear friend and someone she had been in love with in one fell swoop and that leaves her extremely low. Things that she used to do when she felt low, like playing cards or eating too much food is not what she is doing. Instead, she is locked up in her room while Jun has locked himself up in his room. At the end of the episode, we see Rara get a call from her piano teacher who tells her that she is returning to South Korea from Germany. So it is to welcome her back that Rara finds herself at the airport. Instead, she sees Jun and his friend (who Rara believes is his girlfriend) at the airport. 

She is about to call out his name but Jun looks at her and passes by as if he didn't recognize her. Of course, Rara is shocked but what can she do? We wonder if 'Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol' will end in a bittersweet manner considering all the heartwarming moments that the show has given so far. 

'Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol' will air on KBS2 on Wednesdays and Thursdays in Seoul, South Korea, and can be streamed on Netflix in the US.

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