'DNA/ADN': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix's French film

After Neige loses her Algerian grandfather, she begins a journey of self-discovery regarding her identity and Algerian roots

                            'DNA/ADN': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix's French film

Family is hard, but it's important to know where one comes from. When a woman loses the person she's closest to in her family — her Algerian grandfather — she begins to explore her Algerian roots and what her place in her family's heritage is. Stay tuned to this page for the release date, plot, casting announcement and trailers for this semi-autobiographical French film.

Release date

'DNA' — originally released as 'ADN' — releases on Netflix on December 26. 


The official synopsis for the film reads: "Summer in Paris, and the city is deserted. Neige regularly visits her beloved Algerian grandfather in his retirement home. It was Emir who raised her, and who offered protection from her toxic parents. She is surrounded by her extended family – brothers, sister, aunt, mother. Relations between them are difficult, rife with resentment and bitterness. Emir’s death will escalate family tensions and trigger a profound identity crisis for Neige."



Maïwenn (Getty Images)

'DNA' is very much a Maïwenn's film — the movie is partially based on her own life, and she not only stars in it as Neige but has co-written the screenplay and directed the film as well. Maïwenn's big breakthrough as an actor came in 1997 with 'The Fifth Element'. Since then, she has had an illustrious film career as an actor, writer and director, best known for her roles on 'Polisse', 'High Tension' and 'Pardonnez-Moi'.

Fanny Ardant

Fanny Ardant (Getty Images)

Fanny Ardant plays Neige's mother, Caroline. Ardant is a longtime classic French actor who has been part of cinema since 1976 and has won 13 awards and received 12 nominations for her work, most notably one being the Outstanding Artistic Achievement at the 2002 Berlin International Film Festival for her work on '8 Femmes'. She is also known for her roles on 'Confidentially Yours', 'Elizabeth' and 'Paris, je t'aime'.

Louis Garrel

Louis Garrel (Getty Images)

Louis Garrel plays François, Neige's ex-husband who remains on good terms with her. Garrel is an actor, director and writer best known for his roles on 'Little Woman', 'A Faithful Man' and 'The Dreamers'.


The original French trailer for the film was released on September 29, 2020, which you can watch below.


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