Who is Dmitry Ponomarenko? Naked man walks the streets wrapped in friend's guts and holding dad's severed head

Who is Dmitry Ponomarenko? Naked man walks the streets wrapped in friend's guts and holding dad's severed head
Dmitry Ponomarenko arrested by police (Police of Ukraine)

A naked Ukrainian man was arrested in Odesa after he was spotted wearing intestines and carrying a severed head of his father. Dmitry Ponomarenko, 30, created mayhem as he walked on the streets in a graphically aggressive condition.

Who is Dmitry Ponomarenko?

The 30-year-old Ponomarenko is currently under investigation for the alleged murder of his father and a family friend. As per several onlookers, he reportedly went on a rampage and created mayhem in Odesa. As per reports, Ponomarenko was employed in the Duke Hotel, from where he was let go a day before the incident.

Dmitry Ponomarenko (Police of Ukraine)

As per a report by The Sun, horrified witnesses alleged that Ponomarenko walked out of his flat and was covered in blood and nothing else except guts on his body. As he walked on the street, witnesses saw him holding a severed head. He then calmly sat down on a bench and lit a cigarette before beginning a rampage around the streets, hitting parked cars with his father’s severed head. Several witnesses called on to the local police, who ran towards the active crime scene and detained Ponomarenko.

“We received calls from shocked people reporting a man walking in the neighborhood with a severed head in his hand,” a police spokesman said.

As per the local media, the alleged killer met police officers while holding his father’s head in his hands and said, “he is a God who is not worshipped.” As the police officers searched the apartment, they found two male bodies. One of them was his 54-year-old father, Igor Ponomarenko, and another body belonged to a family’s friend, Aleksandr Demchenko, 32, who was found dead in the kitchen.

When local police authorities asked why he killed his father and their friend, an alleged witness responded that Ponomarenko said: “because he had to.”

Dmitry (Police of Ukraine)

Criminal offence in Ukraine

Ukraine’s legal system is based on civil law inherited from the Romano-Germanic legal tradition. Criminal investigations are carried out under official authority by law enforcement personnel such as police, the Security Service of Ukraine, and Public Procurators. In Ukraine, the jury holds equal power to three professional judges. As per Global Studies on Homicide, in 2010, Ukraine had a murder of 4.3 per 100,000 population after it was reported that it had over 1,988 murders in the very same year. Later in 2017, it was reported that 0.3 percent of Ukrainian crime was a homicide.

As per Ukrainian legislation, imprisonment is determined after following a rigorous process. If a person is found guilty of conducting a grave offense involving a murder, then he/she might be sentenced to a term of up to 15 years. As per Article 115, if a person is found guilty of murdering two or more people or if a murder is committed by a group of persons upon a conspiracy, then the person is punishable by imprisonment for a term of ten to fifteen years or life imprisonment with forfeiture of property. A murder committed in the heat of passion caused by unlawful violence, systematic harassment, or grievous insult of the victim is punishable by restraint of liberty for a term up to five years.

Dmitry Ponomarenko faces up to 15 years in prison if he is found guilty of the pressed charges.

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