DJ who groped Taylor Swift says her accusation 'ruined' his life: "I’m not myself anymore. I don’t even go near women!"

DJ David Mueller talks about his life being ruined after Taylor Swift's groping accusation and he states he is now afraid to talk to women.

                            DJ who groped Taylor Swift says her accusation 'ruined' his life: "I’m not myself anymore. I don’t even go near women!"
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In August of last year, DJ David Mueller was found guilty of assaulting Taylor Swift during a 2013 visit to a Colorado radio station and nearly a year after the incident took place, David is breaking his silence as he states that his life has been changed ever since the accusation. Speaking to Radar Online he opened up about the incident and revealed what he would tell the singer if given a chance to come face to face with her again. “How can you live with yourself? You ruined my life,” he said. “I was not ready for the photograph. I admit it was awkward but I never grabbed her. It’s not even close to what happened.”

Four years before the jury found David guilty of assault, Taylor had informed his bosses about the incident. This cost David to lose his job and as a response, he accused her of lying and sued her for costing him his job. However, in response to that Taylor sued David for assault. The jury rejected Mueller's claims and ruled in favor of Swift. But the five-day trial that revolved around the incident gained a lot of attention from the media. 

Now, David believes that the attention the case got has affected his life deeply. “Now I’m afraid to even talk to women. I feel like I’m in a prison,” David continued. “I’m not myself anymore. I don’t even go near women.” 

In January 2018, David landed a new radio gig in Mississippi. While he thought that it would be just the new start he had been looking for, he was proved wrong as even after a year he still received jokes about the incident. David added that he did not believe justice was served right. “It makes me upset. I was always the gentleman. I would always say, ‘Hey, watch your language, there’s a lady here,’ and then I get accused of this,” David told the website. 

David added that even before he decided to sue Taylor, he knew he was going to lose the case but does not regret still going forward with his decision. "I know that if I didn’t do it I would have never been able to live with myself,” he said. “At least now that my life is totally screwed up I’m proud of myself.” Soon after the incident took place Taylor deleted all her social media accounts. 

She then teased her upcoming album by uploading images and videos of snakes. Later, she introduced "Look What You Made Me Do" as the lead single from her sixth album, Reputation. While Taylor has gained a lot of success since the court case took place, David has suffered a downfall. However, he still has only wished well for the singer. “I don’t want anything bad to happen to her, I really don’t,” he said. "I don’t have a lot of listeners but if I can keep doing radio then I’ll consider myself a lucky guy."