Carnage and Diplo live-stream their DJ set while high on mushrooms and LSD, fans rave about trippy vibes

Carnage said the duo was going to take seven grams of mushrooms and three tabs of acid

                            Carnage and Diplo live-stream their DJ set while high on mushrooms and LSD, fans rave about trippy vibes
Carnage and Diplo (Getty Images)

The popular DJs Carnage and Diplo may have just hit upon the most entertaining idea we've ever heard about in order to cope with the pandemic lockdown. Diplo and Carnage recently announced they were going to ingest a whole bunch of drugs and then live-stream a set of their groovy electronic dance music (EDM) for fans, starting at 10 pm PT. Yes, we're serious. And they sounded quite serious about it too. It already looks and sounds like fun and fans have been excitedly tuning in to watch the duo perform ever since the announcement started going viral. Who doesn't want to see two celebrity DJs tripping to music while the floor and walls start melting in front of them? You can click here to catch their ongoing live set right now.

DJ Carnage and Ricardo Guadalupe attend DJ Khaled's birthday dinner hosted by Hublot at Komodo on December 4, 2016 in Miami, Florida. (Getty Images)

On Friday, May 23, DJ Carnage revealed the electrifying plan for his fans on Twitter. The tweet stated, "So @diplo & I.... are gonna take 7 grams of mushrooms & 3 tabs of acid tonight and livestream our set...either gonna be the worst idea... or the best... tune and watch." He's absolutely right. This could either be the greatest spectacle of all time or turn out to be a horrific disaster because that sounds like a lot of drugs for two people to take in one sitting. Both magic mushrooms and LSD have incredibly mind-altering properties, so a combination of the two psychotropics will definitely be a hell of a ride.

Fans of rave culture are obviously no strangers to the idea of taking drugs and vibing to electronic music because the energy and transcendental nature of the experience is second to none. But considering these DJs are popping a heroic dose of drugs while live-streaming their shenanigans for the public, it definitely promises to be some next-level viewing. 

Diplo attends the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards at Prudential Center on August 26, 2019 in Newark, New Jersey. (Getty Images)

Fans are already raving about the trippy set on social media, with the DJs seemingly holding it together surprisingly well for people who should be out of their minds by now. The psychedelic neon lighting and glowing filter effects on the video are certainly adding to the mind-bending experience as well.

"I love the freedom DJs have now. I'm watching Diplo and Carnage do a set they would never do at a festival," said one delighted fan. "Carnage & Diplo going real deeeep right now" said another viewer, who was clearly enjoying the hypnotic sounds of the EDM set. 

A fan said, "This @djcarnage x @diplolive stream is exactly what my drunk ass needed at 2AM," while more fans agreed, saying "@diplo @djcarnage livestream so vibey."

Another viewer declared, "Watching @djcarnage and @diplo high on acid and shrooms and do a live stream has been the most entertaining thing I've seen in this quarantine." We certainly agree because the sounds they've been playing so far have contained some BOSS level beats. Good stuff, guys. Just please be safe and don't do this again? Drugs are bad, mmkay? Go ahead and remix those songs, but your minds shouldn't get too scrambled.

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