Millenial cop: Distracted officer rams into biker waiting at stop sign while using his cell phone

The officer apparently didn't see the biker because he was looking at his phone while making a left turn.

                            Millenial cop: Distracted officer rams into biker waiting at stop sign while using his cell phone
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In an unthinkable incident, a law enforcement officer hit biker head-on while driving and simultaneously using his phone.

William Fasanello pulled up his bike at a stop sign and waited patiently for a chance to turn while he was out for a ride in Peculiar, Missouri, according to footage from a camera he had attached to his helmet.

In a sudden move, a police cruiser is seen taking a left turn onto the road that Fasanello is waiting to exit.

However, the officer turns his police vehicle too tight, causing the cruiser to ram straight into the biker.

In a conversation with Fox News, Fasanello said, "When he started making his turn, I noticed it was too sharp, and it was way too late even attempting jumping out of the way."

The biker is then seen rambling in disbelief after he falls to the ground, unable to digest what happened in front of his eyes.

The footage then shows Officer Charles Wallace pull up to the side of the road and exit his squad vehicle to check on the victim.

"Why the f*** were you texting, officer?" Fasanello asks. 

Wallace responds in a rather dubious manner: "I wasn't texting! I was looking at my phone!"

The cop, then, admits his fault and extends an apology to the biker for not paying attention to the road.

The officer later called in the Missouri State Police to take care of the situation as it is a sensitive issue and also to ensure there is no conflict of interest, according to Fasanello.

The biker escaped with only scrapes and bruises after being checked out by paramedics.

"I mean there were a lot of thoughts going through my head in a very short amount of time, the first one, being he is not looking at me, he is looking at his phone, and two being this is really going to hurt," Fasanello said. 

"The curb weight on a Ford Explorer Police Interceptor is about 4,600-pounds, so when you say you got hit by a pile of bricks, it is not an exaggeration." 

Fasanello's $7,000 bile was almost completely totaled. "The handlebars got twisted, the impact most likely caused micro-fractures in the frame," he said.

"Pretty much demolished the electronic shifting system. You know at the very least the department owes me a formal apology, and they owe me a replacement bike that does the exact same function as the old one, plus medical bills of course."

Until the investigation is completed, Officer Wallace will be on paid leave.

Fasanello added: "Fortunately he just outright admitted fault, he said he was reading a text from a fellow officer he just received. He should exercise a little more what they used to call common sense. You are baffled at the utter irresponsibility of someone who does that."

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