Disney World under fire for re-opening amid pandemic, Angry internet calls move 'selfish' and 'irresponsible'

Disney World under fire for re-opening amid pandemic, Angry internet calls move 'selfish' and 'irresponsible'
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While Florida continues to fight the deadly coronavirus, Disney World has decided to re-open its parks in Orlando. This came soon after it was declared on Friday, July 10, that the Covid-19 cases in Florida witnessed the biggest daily increase since July 3, according to NBC News. 

Despite the surge in deaths from the virus and the growing fear of the pandemic, nearly after four months of lockdown, Disney World decided to open its doors to the public. However, people don’t seem to be happy with the amusement park or Trump's administration for re-opening a public space, especially meant to serve children. 

Internet users flooded Twitter with tweets commenting on Disney World’s decision to reopen its park amid the pandemic, with many calling it a "selfish" move. "Disney World is open! WTF?!? Can we not put our selfish needs aside long enough to contain this virus? You do know Disney World is based on fantasy, is this the plan to escape reality?" wrote one user. 

"Disney World is one of my favorite places to visit, it's magical, it's fun, it's just the best place. But no way in hell you could even pay me to go there rn. Just seems irresponsible." added another. Meanwhile, some called out Disney for following in President Trump's footsteps in its response to the coronavirus. One tweeted, "Look like President Trump and Disney World are teaming up to spread Coronavirus from Covid-19 hotspots to every corner of America."

Another user seconded, “Is it safe to say as an American, and with America STILL having a pandemic, opening up places, including Disney World, that this country is just retarded right now? No nicer way to put it." Although Disney World is a favorite holiday destination for many, people have made it clear that they wouldn't enter the fantasy world until the pandemic ends. "I am not going to Disney World anytime soon, like maybe wait 10 years! It is a hotbed for the virus. Yuck!" tweeted one. 

"Florida keeps breaking its own records for in-state Covid-19 deaths. Meanwhile, Walt Disney World has reopened. Recommended new ad slogan: 'The most magical place on earth, and a good time that is to DIE for'," wrote a user. However, a few are hoping Disney World would follow safety measures and protocol upon re-opening. "The Disney gates are now opened at Walt Disney World. I really hope everyone going stays safe and treats the castmembers with love and respect. #DisneyWorld," said a user.


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